Skoda MissionL Concept

5 Sep, 2011 4:55pm Jack Rix

Early shots preview Focus-rivalling hatch to sit between Fabia and Octavia

Skoda is plastering over the cracks in its range with this new concept unveiled at Frankfurt. It's called the MissionL and will slot inbetween the Fabia and Octavia. And the show car is said to be extremely close to the final design.

Taking inspiration from the slightly larger VisionD concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the MissionL combines crisp clean styling with a half-saloon, half-hatchback bodystyle that's described by Skoda as a 'compact liftback'.

According to Skoda board chairman, Dr. H. C. Winfried Vahland, "The world premiere in Frankfurt gives a clear signal that Skoda is going full steam ahead now. We are going to present a new vehicle every six months over the next two or three years.”

The Czech brand has made it clear that by 2018 it wants to increase its total vehicles sales figure to 1.5 million, and this new model will be a crucial component of that. We'll have all the details when Skoda launches its new concept to the world next week.


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the side makes it look like Skoda's getting Audi cast offs as well as SEAT, there needs to be a proper design difference between all three brands like there used to be, not just similarly designed bodys and new headlamps - which seems to be the way the VW group is going...

The Fabia is based on the Polo, which competes with the Fiesta, the Octavia is based on the Golf which competes with the Focus, so there isn't a gap.

The Superb is based on the Passat, which competes with the Mondeo, they dont need another model, the one thing they are missing is an MPV, so perhaps a C-Max or an S-Max rival would be the gap I would be looking to fill.

clean, sharp, simple lines. borrowed VW's full-streak lights and not AUDI's LED, which is smart and elegant.
i'd prefer a curvy hatchback version, but other than that - good for skoda!

With all these new models, ever increasing sales, fantastic existing products, aren't the parent VW going to get a little bit fed up!?

I agree with everyone else. Good looks, a bit Audi-ish perhaps - but the real gap in the range is an MPV! That is what I drive, so I cannot join the queue at the Skoda dealer yet!

Reminds me of the British Leyland days with loads of similar models competing against each other. Albeit in VW's case decent motors. Confuse the punter with choice seems to be the boardroom motto.
I was probably one of the first to jump on the Skoda wave loving their straight forward less is more approach in an age of busy,retro design cliche. Being on my third Vrs. Just hope they do not loose their way.

Struck me straight away as a modern version of an old Proton. Google 'Proton Impian' and you'll see what I mean!

Whenever skoda seems to be doing good, VW boss seem to pull its ear. The superb back, the facelift korean style front headlamps etc. And now this. Looks more like the first gen fabia with a more modern ass instead of a car of this age.

But boss did say it: skoda will become simpler and cheaper.

(i.e. don't step on VW sales).

I think Shaun34 should get his facts right. My Octavia estate bears no resemblance to a VW Golf, and when I went to buy a VW Passat I drove into the Skoda showroom to see if someone had "downgraded". I bought an Octavia estate, which is not a Golf equivilant, but on the basis of space is a Passat, actually, by this magazines' spec. having more space than the Passat, with or without the seats down. Octavia=Passat, Fabia=Polo. Result? A wee gap in the market.

Actually NO - the Octavia is based on the Golf platform, not the Passat. The size and dimensions however may well look as if they are supposed to be the Passat category but Skoda have oversized the design onto the Golf platform.

Im surprised noone has actually realised that what Skoda have got here is a direct rival to Volvo's S40 - a model that Volvo are about to stop production of.

We have a current Fabia and Octavia and I'd say there is a gap between them, however as the Superb is an oversized Passat, the Octavia an oversized Golf would they not be best simply applying the same formula to the Fabia?

I suppose you could say they've got the Roomster and Yeti in between? In terms of size anyway.

Personally I think the Fabia is currently the weak link in the line up. It's very easy to drive and is well put together but seems quite quaint compared to rivals.

OK, I'm selfish. I want a new small car because even the Fabia is bigger than I need. Presumably I'll have to content myself until the new small Skoda arrives. If they want to sell 1.5 million cars a year by 2018, I suppose they'll be looking to the Far East for market growth, no doubt making cars there which will be no bad thing.

Skoda used to be a joke, but since VW changed them they have continued onwards and upwards path with sales.

Top build quality & reasonably priced car is a sales lethal combination when most cars look the same these days.

Skoda vRS shares all the Audi TT parts at a fraction of the cost is a real bargain.

It's a Polo wearing a big coat, so they can get the cost down for China, India and Eastern Europe. Don't think Ford need to worry too much....

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