Skoda city car is coming

skoda joyster
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21 Jul, 2010 1:25pm Conor Mills

New Joyster gets the green light and will be based on Volkswagen Up!, with electric model to follow.

The smallest Skoda is up and running! The company’s first proper city car will be based on VW’s Up! – and will be its most frugal model to date.

Due to launch after the Up! debuts in 2012, the four-seater is expected to be badged Joyster – taking the name of the original Skoda small car concept from 2006. The urban runabout will rival the likes of the Toyota iQ and Peugeot 107, and will be conventional front-wheel drive after VW ditched the original rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive format.

The switch was partly to allow other VW Group brands such as Skoda and SEAT – as well as new partner Suzuki – to build variants for markets around the world, including the UK. Engine details are still to be confirmed, but the Skoda is likely to get a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol and a 1.2 three-cylinder diesel. Performance will be brisk, yet the focus will be on low emissions – with a sub-80g/km output for the diesel and less than 100g/km for the petrol.

The cheapest Skoda is set to start at just under £7,500. And as with the VW, an all-electric version will follow.

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Yes .. it looks like it is a Suzuki ????

Yes .. it looks like it is a Suzuki ????

from what angle???????

I think it looks like a Skoda, and a damned fine one too...

I think it says a lot for VAG when their so called budget brand produces a more interesting and desirable model range than that coming off the drawing boards at Wolfsburg...

owned by VW, so they stick a skoda grille on the front of a suzuki and call it a Skoda..

Is that the best they can come up with?

What a pity this Joyster is not the one Skoda had the concept for which VW put into production as the Scirocco, still a nice looking car which well do well considering Skodas lead in the market and the very good reliability putting it's other models in the top of various surveys.

OK, it might have a different name when it arrives, but I can't wait. Skoda deserve a small car for drivers like me who like the brand, but don't need a big car. At least they didn't get a Fox with a Skoda grille, now that would have been horrific. The Fox, after all, must be the dullest VW ever. It promised a lot and delivered so little. My cousin bought an Octavia Scout which I was very impressed with, so he may have converted me to the brand. I'll just have to make enquiries at my local dealer to find out when it's due.

Anybody know if an auto will be an option on this car?

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