Smart Fortwo+2 scooped

Smart Fortwo+2 scooped
Credits: Lehmann
27 Jan, 2011 12:12pm Luke Madden

Clay model reveals next generation ForTwo will include a four-seat, four-door model

The Smart is growing up! This exclusive spy picture shows a 1:4 scale model of a next generation Smart ForTwo with an extended wheelbase, allowing for an extra set of doors and seats.

The new model, which is likely to be known as the Fortwo+2, won't be available on the current line-up, but will only be introduced once the next generation Smart Fortwo goes on sale early in 2012. 

It will debut along with an all-new look previewed by this early clay model. Some trademark Smart styling touches remain, including the contrasting Tridon safety-cell, but there's a fresh front end design which includes a new grill and narrower headlights.

The new Fortwo will be longer and wider than the current model, helping to boost space in the cabin and boot. The Fortwo+2 pictured here boasts a pair of rear-hinged doors to improve access to the rear seats but these could be dropped in favour of more traditional units for the production model. 

The new Smart is amongst the first to be developed by Daimler side-by-side with the Renault-Nissan alliance which includes sharing three and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. However the new model will still retain the rear-engined, rear-wheel drive layout of the original car.

One of the bug-bears of the current Smart – namely the jerky automatic gearbox – is likely to be replaced by a Renault-Nissan developed unit but at this stage it's unclear exactly what will take its place.

The next generation ForTwo will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and should go on sale shortly afterwards for around £10,000. The Fortwo+2 will command a premium of around £2,000. 

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Still a daft looking geeky mobile, which they just made look even more awkard.

This looks a bit like a cut-and-shut. Or perhaps it's just someone's idea of a mini stretch limo. Either way, it doesn't look comfortable in its skin. Perhaps the finished product will be better, because the Smart ForTwo, apart from very minor up-grades has remained the same since its introduction and still looks fresh. I test drove a diesel one recently and I must say, I was impressed.

Why are Smart persevering with building larger cars? Their For Two is a unique product with no real competition. By adding rear seats, they enter a market populated by some excellent city cars that are both well-priced and don't suffer the Smart weaknesses of a cheapo interior and a semi-auto gearbox with a stammer.

Someone at Mercedes has forgotten what the Smart is about ( once again ) it was intended to be a compact city cra; my 2001 & 2003 Smarts were fine; my 2008 one is Ok but has put on 3" both in width and length..the 2012 one looks as if its going to be wider and longer again.......forget the US market, Mercedes, European streets haven't suddenly become wider, rather more congested so please Mercedes can we have a Smart the same size at the original so one can park easily !!......or Renault's forthcoming city car may pitch your market as well as your parking space

I agree with jtrsilverman. Forget that some say it's not as practical as a Toyota IQ (ugly beast!) it's not meant to be. OK make a 4 seat version as well, but don't expect us all to buy the bigger version, we won't. It's the diminutive size that's important. Certainly, freshen it up, improve the interior environment and sort out the gearbox (altho' I don't have a problem with my original 1999 left hooker) but most of all keep it small. Who ever carries three passengers anyway?

Never in a million years, I will go eco friendly, I have even looked at a Smart this month and liked it but, what is this?? Have an Italian studio design it!

"Amazing spy shot"!

For the nth time AE, stop plaguing us with these "scoops" and "exclusive spyshots" because the final version if and when it DOES go into production, will probably not look anything like your "spyshots". Give us something REAL to look at, such as something which you might actually stand in front of and photograph in the metal.

And one other thing, a 1:4 scale model? What the hell does that tell us? Zilch, nada, nothing.

The Smart is growing up! This exclusive spy picture shows a 1:4 scale model.
Come on AE.
You've been playing "cut and shut" with an Airfix kit!
Who cares if its a new model.
The last one was hardly a run away sales success.

.....reminds me of a modern take on the classic VW Camper??

Does this look like those cut and shut limos they built on top gear to anybody else?

This is not what the future smart 4 seater will look like!
It is a scale model for a "big smart" which was designed by mister Mathias Etzold.

It was shown at an exhibition by the FachbereichTransport und Design department of the Hochschule Pforzheim in 1999!

So don't hold your breath, this one is not going to make it.

The smart FourFour should have been a modestly facelifted Mitsubushi i.

As anyone with a 1/2 a brain knows.

Bear in mind tiny engines thrashing away to keep out of high speed traffic and coupled to an auto box are not recipes for economy as those who commute on fast dual carriage ways in their i or Fiat Twin-Air will attest.

I nearly got 'sucked in' to purchasing a Japanese Kei Car import, but some research showed they would be more costly in fuel terms than my current 100occ which returns over 55mpg on Minor A & B roads but not up and down Devon's famous hilly bits.

Use the same cars on minor A and B roads and it is more at home, but who does that?

Well if rumours in the German motoring press are anything to go by, the new generation smart forfour will have it's engine in the back as it is supposed to be based on (a stretched) third generation fortwo platform.

I agree that the first generation smart forfour should have been rear-engined like the Mitsubishi i as I don't like front wheel drive.
But it' s a very safe car thanks to the strong tridion safety cell and it 's styling gives it lots of character.

As for tiny high revving car engines, FIAT's TwinAir engine is a brilliant piece of engineering.
These engines are least polluting so they make a real contribution to cleaner motoring.
And provided you don't always have a heavy right foot, they can be economical as well.

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