Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

7 Nov, 2011 8:00am Peter Lyon

New Tokyo Motor Show boxer-hybrid previews next-generation Subaru Legacy

Subaru has given us the first glimpse of how its next-generation Legacy is shaping up with the Advanced Tourer Concept. 

Set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on 30 November, the Tourer Concept gets an aggressive front end that features a slightly restyled version of the signature Subaru grille and angular headlights. 

Inside, the Tourer gets wood and polished aluminium surfaces with leather trim and a full glass sunroof. Intriguingly, designers have fitted a large TV monitor inside the steering wheel that displays GPS sat-nav directions and has direct access to the internet.

It also incorporates Subaru's new EyeSight crash avoidance system which employs two cameras mounted above the rear view mirror that monitor traffic conditions and can detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Underneath the bonnet is a glimpse into Subaru's future powertrain line-up, as the firm has downsized its 2.0 and 2.5-litre boxer turbos to create a cleaner and more efficient 1.6-litre turbo mated to an electric motor. There are no official figures but engineers claim the set-up can be tuned to match the 262bhp output of the 2.5-litre turbo. 

Working together with a revised version of Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel-drive system the Tour Concept can be driven in electric-only mode for a short distance and at low speeds. Otherwise, the system will shuffle power between the four-wheels.

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At last Subaru matches engineering and beauty. Now let's get back to the snarling H6 3 litre boxer, this time with a turbo and no messing around with tiny engines except to have a green flag to wave at the altar of co2 emissions.

I think the current and previous Legacy models were distinctive but this looks very stylish. I hope they keep this concept look through to production.

Subaru! Please, please, please keep this concept look for the new Legacy! This would be by far the most beautiful car you would have brought to production and an antidote to the current model. The icing on the cake would be resurrection of the oh so distinctive frameless windows and driver focused cockpit. Where do I send my petition??

I have a '06 GT Estate but I don't like the current face-lifted one........ two things, ditch the wood and keep the 3-seater bench in the back. It's supposed to be a family hauler after all.

Add Frameless Windows and Uneven Headers again, for the boxer burble, and I'll have mine in black thank you.

With this new and exciting Subaru design direction, it hasn't surfaced yet, nice concepts yes, but in production versions they look like 8 year old Kia's, Subaru have great potential, and need a kick in the balls for their lack of bravery.

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