Tesla Roadster road trip

11 Jan, 2010 4:24pm Sam Hardy

Electric sports car covers 3,600 miles to get to Detroit Motor Show stand

Here's proof that the Tesla Roadster really can go the distance! To silence any doubts about the electric sports car's range, a team of employees from the California-based firm drove from Los Angeles to the Detroit Motor Show – a road trip of 3,600 miles.

They displayed the dirt-covered machine – known as 750 because of its production number – on their show stand. As well as road grime, the bodywork featured the signature of each member of the Tesla team who drove the car on its epic journey.

Driving between 100 and 240 miles a day, one employee said: “It was harder to find food that it was places to charge the car. We just left it overnight in a motel car park, hooked it up to the charging points for RVs [large motorhomes] and carried on our journey the next day.”

Also on the stand was Tesla's Model S electric luxury car, which goes on sale in 2011. Designed to compete with Jaguar’s XF and BMW’s 5-Series, it's a five seater with two extra seats for children behind. At the front is a large luggage area.

Like the Roadster, the Model S gets a floor-mounted lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor which drives the rear wheels. Weighing in at around 1,700kg, the firm claims 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 120mph.

Buyers will be able to choose from three battery packs, with ranges of 160 miles, 230 miles and 300 miles. Tesla says that the battery can be partially recharged in just 45 minutes.
The Model S is said to be much cheaper with the entry-level 160-mile model potentially costing less than £40,000.

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