Toyota FT-86 breaks cover

14 Sep, 2011 4:59pm Dan Strong

New FT-86 concept is revealed at Frankfurt, as the boxer-engined coupe takes another step towards production.

The long awaited Toyota FT-86 sports coupé took another step towards hitting the road at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The sleek 2+2 uses a Subaru developed rear-wheel drive chassis and boxer engine and will be built at Subaru's Gunma factory in Japan.

Christened the FT-86 II in reference to the fact that this is the second evolution of the concept, first shown back in 2009, the car gets revised detailing front and rear, particularly around the front bumper and lights.

It also gets a new bronzed paint job. The full production version is expected to make its debut, almost unchanged at Japan's Tokyo Motor Show in December.

Under the bonnet, there's a 2-litre flat-four offering around 200bhp, while the car is expected to offer drivers a choice between six-speed manual, and six-speed automatic gearboxes.

The concept has a 2570mm wheelbase and measures 4235mm in length. It's also 1795mm wide and 1270mm high - making it about the same size as a Volkswagen Scirocco.

While Toyota is remaining tight lipped about it's exact plans for the model, a spokesperson did tell us that the car will be "lively, and offer accessible performance that is easy to harness and enjoy."

Expected to go on sale in early 2012, it's expected that the car will cost from around £18,000

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Will be very hard to resist with Toyota's incredible reliability & build quality record, rear wheel drive, stunning looks, at just £18.000 a very potent sales mix. 2012 will be a great year for Toyota, lets hope we see them put this dreadful year the Japanese people have suffered in that terrible tsunami behind them.

2012 is going to be a great year for new cars, if they are all this good.

Looks lovely... but I'm seriously skeptical that anything that looks like those photo's will cost around £18k...

They'll never sell it for that!

But if they do, it will cost the same as the likes of the Mini Coupe, Nissan Juke or new VW Beetle.

Enough said really.

If this car is only £18,000 I'll eat my dog's left foot. The FT-86 is not pretty, it just oozes boyish heroics and looks hellbent on macho speed and serious driving fun. It should be called the Toyota BUTCH.

although I find it hard to believe around £18k for this - looks like it would cost ten grand more.

Youve kept us waiting a long time for this Toyota but it certainly looks exciting...

The FT-86 used to be stunning, but the new style tweaks do it no favours at all, it really doesn't need the boy racer LEDs and spoiler to look the part. Hopefully they'll be on the options list and can be left in the parts bin where they belong.
£18,000 ? Well we can dream.

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