Vauxhall Calibra in shock return

24 Nov, 2010 10:30am Nick Gibbs

Vauxhall boss confirms bold plans for a new Insignia based coupé, while the electric Ampera will spawn a whole new family of models.

The Vauxhall Calibra is back! Hot on the heels of our news that Ford is resurrecting the Capri as a Focus-based coupé comes confirmation that Vauxhall will create a successor to its popular Nineties two-door.

“I believe we should have one, so we will have one,” GM Europe chief Nick Reilly told Auto Express. As overall boss of Vauxhall and Opel, Reilly has the last word on what goes into production.

He pointed to the GTC (Gran Turismo Concept) coupé unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007 as the inspiration, saying: “It will be exactly this type of car.” That concept went on to become the Insignia, which is likely to form the basis for the new sports machine.

The GTC was powered by a 2.8-litre V6 turbo, and the VXR version of the production car could build on the 320bhp of the hottest Insignia to create a cut-price version of Audi’s S5 coupé.

However, it’s expected that the smaller, mainly turbocharged units will offer a more appealing blend of economy and power, using Vauxhall’s forthcoming range of all-new, direct-injection petrol engines that, according to Reilly, will give economy savings of “at least 10 to 15 per cent”.
The Calibra had a big fanbase, with 250,000 sold around the world before it was axed in 1997. And once again, the top-spec version of the four-seater is likely to come with four-wheel drive.

Reilly also revealed that Vauxhall plans to use the Ampera name as a sub-brand to expand the number of range-extended battery vehicles. “We’re looking at other bodystyles, including a smaller Astra-sized car and a larger one,” he said. 

Using the same electric powertrain with the 1.4-litre generator, the new Ampera family models would be based on the second generation of the Chevrolet Volt in the US. The MkI launches in the UK in 2012, and sales of the MkII could start as soon as 12 months later. Plus, the replacement Ampera would be far cheaper, according to Reilly. “We will see a 50 per cent reduction in costs for the electrification part of the car, including batteries,” he said.

This would bring the Ampera down to around £5,000-£7,000 more than a petrol or diesel equivalent, at about £27,000. The original European model is set to be priced at £36,500.

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Wow, looks potentially like US brand, Buick, is going to get a car to fill out it's Regal line. It's a very attractive and stylish look, one which almost mirrors the Regal, but in Coupe format. Now things are getting interesting.

shock return....bold plans....
who writes this garbage????

I hope its better looking than this, as the car above is as ugly as the original calibre was beautiful. Bored already with the current trend of brutish , 'in yer face' chavish styling that is the modern trend. Not all of us are so insecure that we have to have cars that look like theyre buit to destroy all life as we know it.

in some ways the profile view in pic 1 reminds me of the long defunct Opel Monza which was the 2 door version of the Senator. As usual though, this is another AE mock up with the generous assistance of Photoshop so it remains to be seen whether the new "Insignia Coupe" actually appears in the form pictured. To say it's a reborn Calibre though is a nonsense. I've driven several Calibres in my time including the awesome V6 and while it was after all an overdressed lowered Cavalier, it was still good. There is no doubt that this is based on the Insignia and there's nothing wrong with that either, the Insignia is a nice looking car, so just say it's a 2 door coupe version of that and stop billing it as something it isn't.

When is someone at Opel going to poach the designers and engineers at Audi or BMW?
This looks as though it was designed by George Formby!

Yes I also hate the current trend for 'in yer face' chavvish cars!

It is fashionable to call VWs and such, dull.

I call them understated and tasteful.

It looks mediocre. The foglights on the sports coupe are so out of place. The sedan looks like the 2006 Honda Civic EX. But somtimes pictures can be deceiving.

When is someone at Opel going to poach the designers and engineers at Audi or BMW?
Hopefully never, as BMW and Audi dont have designers just trained monkeys. They wouldnt know what a designer was in Germany if it bit them on the backside!!

Agree with it looking rather chavy. Shame really as Vauxhall have designed some nice cars recently. The new Astra is lovely and even the Corsa isnt too bad. Actually thinking about it BMW and Audi could do with poaching their designers so they could make an intresting car for a change!

The car in the picture is clearly a concept. No production car ever comes close to looking like its conceptual inspiration.

Concepts are always over-styled for the purpose of maximising media impact, rather than to point to the details of what the production vehicle will be.

Making detail judgements about the looks of a production vehicle based on a few internet photos of the concept us just plain stupidity.

I have nothing but contempt for you all. Please, grow some intelligence before you start posting!

shock return....bold plans....
who writes this garbage????

By dllywelyn on 25 November, 2010, 7:26am

That will be Nick Gibbs - aka the conker ;-)

Making detail judgements about the looks of a production vehicle based on a few internet photos of the concept US just plain stupidity.

I have nothing but contempt for you all. Please, grow some intelligence before you start posting!

I take it you meant IS not US? Who's the idiot now - you conker!!!!!

By evanstim on 27 November, 2010, 1:17am

Er it's an AE mock up and agree; call it a coupe Insignia, to call it a Calibra is taking the piss out of people's intelligence.

Also with AndyG: Opel/Vauxhall/GM should never use designers form BMW or VW/Audi designed by a computer and styled by Ikea; bland and minimalist with not an ounce of flare. No thanks

For once can't you guys stop mocking each other??? It's always like this; people start talking about the car and then eventually it gets personal.

Next time try and keep your comments limited to the car, that way everyone is happy.

Yet another horrible brash modern car... what ever happened to low-slung coupe's. This thing appears to have the aerodynamic properties of a brick. I can't wait to see hundreds of Kev's tailgating eachother in the 3rd lane in this heap of tat. If car makers are going to throw about words like 'Capri' and 'Calibra' they should at least try to make their new creations look half decent.

Another boring car nobody will want.

No wonder nobody is buying new cars these days, its not because they are tight or worried about losing their jobs its more that they are not one bit interested in upgrading to rubbish like this Calibra.

Come on GM you can do better than this, the front end looks an absolute abortion and a horrible mess.

I can't wait to see hundreds of Kev's tailgating eachother in the 3rd lane in this heap of tat.
By Wobbletastic on 28 November, 2010, 4:42pm

Agree with you. Calibra = pikey = chav.
These will be driven by "Daz" around the country in a few years, sporting a baseball cap & shell suit without insurance & road tax.

We haven't yet seen the full range of photos, I have no doubt that it will be a nice car whatever they call it, but if you are going to buy a sporty motor it doesn’t want to look like a battery car.

They have spoilt the look of the Zafira by using the same front as the battery car and now I think GM are trying to get the looks accepted, to make their investment into battery R&D pay, next they will probably make a Calibra battery car as well.
If they succeed and battery power takes on more power stations will be needed to supply recharging power, and as electricity goes up we will all be subsidising battery car drivers, the thing is, if all England drove battery cars it wouldn’t make one scrap of difference to the worlds ecology.

I disagree with your comments about the new Zafira, I think it looks pretty sharp. Mind you, I owned the previous model until fairly recently and Farmer Giles' rusty old Fordson tractor could show the that thing a clean pair of heals in the style stakes. It's probably a better drive too... :~)

I had a 16v version of the original. Not great to drive (Cavalier based) but a true thing of beauty - the only car that I've ever had (and I've had lots) that I actually used to turn around and look back at once I'd parked it.

The new one might have been ok (i.e. nondescript) if it wasn't for the two weird 'slashes' on the front. Distinctive, yes. Attractive, no! All IMHO of course.


It won't sell in the UK if it wears a Vauxhall badge.

If it was to be marketed as the "Opel Monza GT" then maybe it would sell.

But that front is a real mess.

No-doubt it will be made in Australia on the Holden production line and then badged, for which ever market is needed.

Shame GM killed the Pontiac brand I could see this as a new Pontiac Firebird with the 6 litre V8 under the bonnet.

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