Vauxhall Adam at Paris 2012

Vauxhall Adam
27 Sep, 2012 1:20pm

Watch our video of the all-new Vauxhall Adam which was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

The all-new Vauxhall Adam has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and it promises to offer a level of personalisation normally associated with MINI and Fiat.

With 30,000 colour, trim and accessory combinations, the Adam will cost from £11,255 for an entry-level Jam model. Flagship Slam cars will start at £13,150.

Inside, it’s small – even for a city car – but interior quality is good and the optional touchscreen works well. How the tiny Vauxhall drives on the open road remains to be seen.

Designed to rival the Fiat 500 and MINI hatchback, the Adam will offer a revolutionary Adam app store, whereby owners will be able to download things like live podcasts and navigation systems for immediate use in their car.

Check out the video to hear Mat Watson’s verdict on our first encounter with the all-new Vauxhall Adam.

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Too fussy and twee for my taste. Perhaps it's aimed at a similar demographic to the old-model Ka.

The old model KA was a much more thought through design... as a starter, why doesnt the crease in the rear flank meet the top line of the back lights, it's crying out for it! Really wanted to like this but the more I see the more it looks like some Frankenstein offspring of a relationship between a DS3 and a new model Micra. Don't think Fiat and Mini will be worried.

My comments would get censored if I said what I thought the old Ford Ka looked like. Yuk!
Returning to the vehicle now at hand, the designers have clearly looked at the 500, A1 and DS3 in turn and cribbed a bit of each. Although the tester alludes in the video to the lack of space in the rear, few reviews refer to the sheer lack of practicality of too many "premium" superminis, for real people. For example, someone I know slightly needs to transport a baby grandchild, the latter's parents and quantities of shopping. From the three mentioned above and adding the Mini to the selection, the only practical vehicle was the DS3.

I'd have the DS3 over any of the so called 'premium' hatchbacks - (how is a Fiat premium??,) it's the only decent looker, but I would also consider the Fabia vRS - space, pace and quality too.Plus the vRS and DS3 look better than the girly 500 or bland Audi.

Looking at the video, I immediately get the impression that the target market is single females and the classic "metrosexual" and in that case it is a bulls-eye. High quality where the driver meets the car, cost savings elsewhere. As a small city car catering to the above mentioned market it deserves a proper market share. Comparing it to the DS3 and the Mini does not do it any justice.

I think GeToD may well have got the point. This competes less with the Mini and DS3 than with such as the VW Up! trio and the Aygo/C1/107 ditto. It has the great advantage of having four cylinder power plants (although it will regress to three later) and to my mind is rather better looking as well. Perhaps the real competition lies with FIAT Panda/500

this is what the mk 2 ford ka should have looked like