Production Opel Ampera

25 May, 2010 3:06pm

Close-up images of production version of Opel's futuristic hybrid testing.

The all-new Opel Ampera is on the charge. And these latest pictures captured by our team of spies give the first clear look of what the production version of the petrol-electric hybrid will look like.

The first thing you can notice from the close-ups is that the Opel will be getting unique front and rear fascias. Unlike its Chevrolet and Holden Volt siblings, the Ampera will feature styling which is much more focused on the European market.

With its futuristic design, the hybrid will be a real head-turner too. The most unusual styling features including wraparound headlights, sleek aerodynamics, and a bold front grille.

Around back, there is a large horizontal chrome bar that ties together the taillights, and bold trim where a diffuser would normally be found.

Inside, the space-age theme continues. The centre console has been finished in Dark Argent metallic paint which creates a sporty appearance that works well with the cabin's jet black interior with spice red accents.

Other interior highlights include two information displays, a touch-sensitive infotainment centre, and an electric design theme on the door panels.

Power for the Ampera comes from GM's Voltec system which uses a 111 kW electric drive unit mated to a 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. This allows the car to travel up to 37mph on electricity alone before a small petrol powered engine kicks in to recharge the battery.

This combination also means the Ampera has a range of up to 310 miles. After this the car needs to be either refueled or recharged. The Ampera's electric drive unit delivers 370 Nm of torque and 150bhp, enabling the car to travel from zero to 62mph in around nine seconds, on its way to a top speed of 100mph.

Considering that 80% of German drivers travel less than 30 miles a day and the fact that the Ampera's operating cost will be about one-fifth of that associated with a standrad pertol car, the new model should attract a lot of attention when it goes into production in 2011.

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Just think, a VXR model would brilliant. Combining the pros of an economical hybrid and of a performance oriented hot hatch. Both factors then eradicating cons from either type of car...
Vauxhall give the people what they want, turbo this hybrid up!!!

A chevrolet volt looks/is alot better looking and cheaper than an ampera

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