Meriva spied undiguised

5 Oct, 2009 1:25pm

Vauxhall's Modus and Jazz rival spotted without camouflage for the first time

The Meriva is baring all! Our spies have captured the best shots yet of Vauxhall's compact MPV - the car that's doing everything it can to stand out from the competition.

With rear-hinged doors for easier access to the interior and a versatile 'FlexSpace' seating arrangement it ticks all the boxes for practicality. There’s also a distinctive kink along the shoulder line and a black-surround to the rear windscreen.

The upright, boxy design of the original Meriva has been replaced by a sleeker, more appealing exterior placing it as a competitor to more premium models such as the MINI Clubman.

Power will likely come from a range of engines that mirror those available in the new Astra. This means we can expect to see a naturally aspirated 1.4-litre engine as well as a turbo-charged 1.4-litre which produces 140hp.

As for the oil burners there will be four engines on offer, ranging from 95 to 160hp. All units will have stop-start technology to help to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The new Meriva will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year.

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All it needs is the option of CVT to be a Jazz-beater, now that the Jazz auto option is lumbered with the awful i-shift system. All we need is the assurance that Vauxhall will survive; but that's politics, not engineering.

The current Meriva has class ..this looks like it has the Tailgate from the Liana and the doors from a small humpback whale ...sorry

Certainly looks to have the beating of the Jazz especially as it offers diesels and Honda don't

Looks like a Ford Fiesa but without the 'style'. Is that suicide doors fitted to the rear or have they just fitted the door handle in the wrong place? As well as some style it would need an awful clever interior to beat the Jazz.

Continues Opel/Vauxhall's strange 'design by committee' look which makes the Corsa look so much more awkward than the sleek Fiesta. If only the smart Insignia/Astra design team could have had time to do the Meriva too...

To all the people who are slating the design, to the person who does not know about the suicide doors?

What are you on and where have you been?

I think that its a fantastic replacement to the current model which is now very tired. What is it that people are wanting? Form over function like you see in the Ford range? This vehicle is distinctive enough to stand out, but by the looks of it, a great successor to a practacle if uninspiring car.

Why do you insist on calling an Opel ( in the photo) a Vauxhall.
All Vauxhalls are really Opels........ why deny it ! You dont see Vauxhalls outside the UK.

most of u people are criticising this car why it looks great my personal opponion is that a honda jazz is bland this looks sleek and sporty and will have a diesel engine and a turbo petrol a honda jazz has a slow 1.4 with only 99bhp as the range toper the opel will have a vxr with 190plus

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