Vauxhall Zafira

24 Jun, 2010 12:53pm

Hugely practical MPV gets dynamic new look but ditches Meriva's rear-hinged doors

Here's the proof that Vauxhall's Meriva will be welcoming a bigger brother to the line-up! These are the newest spy pictures of the next-generation Zafira MPV which will be officially unveiled in 2011.

Hiding underneath the psychedelic disguise is a look inspired by the new Astra and Meriva, giving the newcomer a more sporty and dynamic design than its predecessor.  

Unlike its smaller brother, the Zafira will not use Vauxhall's rear-opening 'FlexDoor' arrangement, instead opting for more traditional openings. It will, however, benefit from the Flex7 seating which boasts a huge array of folding and sliding options to maximise practicality.

Engine options still remain under wraps for now, but there will be a wide range of turbocharged petrol and diesel units available from launch.

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What's sporty & dynamic about it? ... under the disguise it looks exactly like the old model

Shouldn't that headline read Opel Zafira? Seeing as the photograph shows this model is wearing Geman number plates. Please AE remember that Vauxhall is just a badging exercise. It never fails to amaze me the amount of British people who actually think Vauxhall is British car maker. A/ they are owned by GM and B/ they only produce one model here, so not British and they hardly make anything. The rest are imported from Germany's Opel factories where they slap a couple of Vauxhall badges on them.

I can't really see the point, but then if the masses believe they are buying British maybe that is the reason for keeping the name alive?

I can't understant what is the point in pretending that Vauxhall exist. We can start selling Renault as Morris ....

man,i hope this is a concept . my dad has got the most recent model and it good but too big.this one is just like the new meriva,just with out the flex doors(sutcase doors)if you ask me the first one was the best one.just my opinone

I don't think it's a case of 'what's the point of keeping Vauxhall?' as 'what would be the point of changing?'. Vauxhall is a familiar brand in this country, Opel far less (predictably, given there haven't been Opel badged cars sold here for around 20 years). While it costs less for GM to keep Vauxhall going than it would cost them to make the change (which would be considerable, given the changes to dealerships, literature, advertising to point out that it's the same cars with a different badge and lost sales through people inevitably not 'getting it') I don't see that they're going to do anything different to what they're presently doing.

And the 'they're not really British' thing doesn't make much sense. Car manufacture is such an international business I can't imagine there is such a thing as a 'nationally pure' manufacturer anywhere.

Focus_your_mind there are 8 manufacturing plants for GM Europe, only 3 of which are in Germany, so to say that Vauxhall's are just German imports with a Vauxhall badge slapped on an Opel car is a bit wide of the mark...its a European business with all the money going into one pot, so I'm sure it doesn't really matter what badge is on it...they are also badged Holden and Buick for you information which is Australian and American!

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Hi, Focus_your_mind and miki123, I award you the 2011 award for knowing exactly how british customers will react to the rebadging of Vauxhalls. Well done.


I had to really look closely to see where it varies from the current Zafira. The front quarter glass is bigger, with the mirrors moved down to the door, probably to help with forward visibility, which is dire on the current car. So that's a good idea, at least. The back door no longer follows the line of the wheel arch and that's about it! Oh, and it has a trendy (5 years ago) shark's fin aerial.

I guess there's only so much you can do with a one box design?

Where are the SLIDING DOORS?!?!? I don't understand the the zafira didnt get electric/sliding doors. I would ask ford the same question with they s max and galaxy small mpvs.

A great second hand family car. Saw one used as a stand in hearse the other day, the new design above would look perfect for the role if they took that nasty chequer pattern off the side.

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