Auto Express's running costs ratings are based on our Driver Power survey of over 30,000 car owners. Ratings are the average for all owners of this car who responded. Individual owners’ ratings and comments appear below.
2009-reg Diesel, Owner for 1 to 3 years

It has never broken down and apart from the odd headlight nothing has needed replacing. This car is more economical to run than the petrol version but I feel it could be better. at 70 mph it revs at 2500 which compared to other vehicles is high.

Cost: 4/5
2001-reg Petrol, Owner for more than 5 years

Very rare that something goes wrong, but when it does it costs a lot. Quite thirsty by todays standards.

Cost: 3/5
2009-reg Petrol, Owner for 3 to 5 years

It's an old beetle! Tax exemption and cheap parts more than make up for the poor fuel economy.

Cost: 5/5
53-reg Diesel, Owner for 3 to 5 years

Suits me perfectly. Best car I've ever had.

Cost: 5/5
08-reg Petrol, Owner for 1 to 3 years

Great fun I love it.

Cost: 3/5