Next Golf GTI spied

24 Aug, 2011 12:49pm Mark Griffiths

Our spies catch new three-door VW Golf GTI and standard five-door models testing in the US

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI is on its way. These are the first images of the full-bodied Mk VII Golf, proving that it's on track for a 2012 launch.

Unlike previous spy pictures, these were taken in the US and give much more away in terms of design and detail. Looking lower and longer than the current Golf, this is the first time Volkswagen has used optical camouflage together with some extra black masking over the front and rear. This indicates the next Golf will get some big design changes.

Slated to ride on the new, more versatile MQB chassis platform, our pictures show two distinct prototypes: a three-door Golf GTI and a standard five-door version.

The prototypes left the garage together with a benchmarking Audi S3, indicating what we can expect in terms of performance from the GTI variant.

The three-door GTI pictured features big wheels and twin chrome exhausts. On the inside, it's likely tostick with the traditional hallmark features of the performance model withas sports seatsas well as the very latest sat-nav system.

A wide range of TSI supercharged and turbocharged editions will be offered, including a flagship 2.0-litre producing a storming 300bhp for the  Golf R, and an efficient 65bhp 1.2-litre engine capable of returning 70mpg. Volkwagen is also planning a 100mpg plug-in hybrid, as well as an all-electric version, called the e_BlueMotion.

Diesel engines will include 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDI offerings. As standard, entry-level cars will drive the front wheels through a six speed manual gearbox, while flagship machines are tipped to offer the firm's seven-speed DSG semi-automatic gearbox. Four-wheel-drive will be available on the most powerful cars.

According to our reports, the new Golf is primed to appear at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012, before going on sale in October.


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Shame VW is going to persist with the Dreadful 1.6 TDi engine and anything but acceptable Bluemotion which spoils the mk6 range, So biggest concerns is will VW fix the shoddy build quality for this new model (Or is it just a facelifted Seat Leon?) and perhaps tell the truth about the real world fuel consumption...instead of tell a pack of lies which no owner will ever get close too?? I really hope they do as we cant wait to get shot of our Awful mk6..

looks good, i currently have a Mk6 golf TDI and its brill,had it two years and covered 160k all around europe and it hasn,t missed a beat, i have a large choice on my company car list but always go for golfs as they are mega reliable, this is my 7th golf after a run of god awful astras and unreliable focus's, thank god i got promoted so i could have a higher class car

pound for pound Focus is a better car

A 65bhp engine?!! Is that a typo? 65bhp in a Golf? My first car was Polo with 55bhp and I remember just how sloooooooow that was. I do like Golfs though and hopefully this will have some nice petrol engines with more suitable outputs.

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