VW sets Guinness World Record

VW Passat BlueMotion record breaker
4 Oct, 2010 5:24pm Tom Phillips

Passat BlueMotion manages over 1,500 miles on one tank of fuel.

The Passat is a record breaker! A team of British journalists have set a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled by a standard production passenger car on a single tank of fuel.

The three-day record attempt began in Maidstone in Kent, and involved driving to the South of France and back. The Passat BlueMotion finally ran out of fuel close to Calais after completing a distance of 1,526.63 miles.

The route mainly followed French autoroutes, but included some town driving, resulting in an average speed of just over 45 mph.

To ensure the record attempt was legitimate, and to recover the car when it finally ran its tank dry, the VW was followed by two AA patrolmen.

The Passat BlueMotion was a completely standard model. Before the record attempt, the tank was drained then refilled with 77.25 litres of standard forecourt diesel, resulting in an overall fuel consumption of 89.83mpg.  This substantially exceeds the Passat BlueMotion’s official combined figure of 64.2mpg.

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i would like to offer my congratulations to the motoring
journalists for breaking the record,this proves that drivers
can economical in this climate and show they are
responsible again well done on going in the guinness
book of records.

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