New VW Phaeton undisguised

12 Apr, 2010 1:20pm

VW's S-Class rival smiles for the camera in these late-night spy shots

Volkswagen's flagship saloon has finally revealed all! These spy-shots show a completely undisguised Phaeton prototype on a late night photoshoot, complete with a totally new front end and a fresh set of LED tail-lights at the rear.

The facelift will be the third since the Phaeton was introduced and Volkswagen will be hoping to finally establish their luxury saloon in the fiercely competitive market which already includes BMW's 7-Series and the Mercedes S-Class.

Inside, the luxurious cabin will remain with high quality materials in abundance. Changes will come to the centre console arrangement and dashboard, making controls easier to use and to bring the interior in line with big-name rivals.

Under the bonnet, rumours suggest that there will be a range of engines, including a new V10 diesel and a range of efficient turbocharged petrol engines.

The new Phaeton will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show later this month.

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Why would they bother, did anyone buy the last one?

Jeeezz - that looks even more boring than the last one.

I mean is there any other reason they keep churning out this car? And why is anyone going to choose this car over a 7 series, XJ or S class? Its the same as a polo at the front.

thinking of buying one I saw on autotrader, 10k for all that car is a bargain, but not for 60+

I cannot think of even one good reason that someone would spend all that money to buy a polo/golf/passat/tiguan/touareg
look alike limo. Are there people who are still geting paid tons of money to come up with a project like that for VW??
Its so ugly, it reminds me of the Scoda Superb!

VW already has an overpriced and mediocre premium (supposedly?) priced range of cars, in the form of the Audi brand...Does the world really need any more of these third division players products within the luxury car market?

Still will make a good Taxi in three years time when its lost 2/3-3/4 of its price, either after sitting on some dealers forecourt or after a rental companys released it?

Above comments smack of narrow mindedness. The VW empire has a wealth of technology at ist disposal and produces a first rate vehicle.
When Hyundai appeared on the market, people snickered. Look at where they are now.

"Volkswagen will be hoping to finally establish their luxury saloon in the fiercely competitive market." A third facelift? - this car has been on sale since 2003. Hyundai would not approach such an important segment with this kind of lip service. The "VW empire" does produce come great, great products but its size makes it expensive to continue to compete aggressively everywhere it participates.

Buy a Superb, change some badges, save yourself 50K. Brilliant!

The new Phaeton is likely to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.

For a motoring mag this is a bit poor! Incase you missed what you said wrong, Frankfurt motorshow is every 2 years, so with it bieng last year, theis year is the turn of Automechanika.

So would it be debuting in Paris then?

Still why bother tarting up a dead horse, it cannot be making them money going on how poorly it has sold?

The only point of the Phaeton was to provide a platform for Bentley! At least that stopped it being a total disaster. This facelift makes the A8 look exciting - is that the point this time?

In response to 'To buy or not to buy', there seems little point in producing cutting edge technological ingredients then cramming them into such a lack lustre package. If the public stopped buying these power brands - Apple, BMW, VAG which now just deliver cynical, homogeneous and poor designs, perhaps these brands might be forced to return to what made them so powerful in the first place: great technology in sexy packaging.

ExtraD, I think you will find that the car is revealed at the Beijing Show. That's next week, according to my calendar.

Dan Strong
Auto Express

Well we never got the current model in Australia you know Australian always pull off most of the time. But we hope to get this model if it avaible in Right drive. It may not get it W12 engine. But Let hope if James Bond drive it in his next movie as a rented car.

Even the 2010 Ford Taurus looks better : http://cache-01.gawkerassets.c...

It looks the luxury limo from the side. But from the front the grill, headlights and bumper look like theyr'e off an MPV. It will probably be very expensive. Don't know if it will take much custom from Mercedes, Lexus, BMW etc.

Well this is certainly a snoozer because as all the other commenters have mentioned, the Phaeton is rather boring as a package.
HOWEVER, I think the more interesting speculation is that the changes in the Phaeton (which hugely underpin the Bentley Continental line) will trickle down to (or in this case up) to the new Continental's dash controls and any other chassis changes.

One of the most pointless car from VW, does the Audi A8 comptete against tghe S-class or 7 series or LS ?? and yet they bring this out..
Phaeton designers and marketers are smoking something serious !!

It looks like a great big Jetta.

the Bentley for the non-brits. Stupid Brits still think Bentley is theirs.

Only ever seen 2 on the roads, any need for a facelift?? Maybe a reintroduction would be better!

And as a "brit" I don't regard myself as "stupid" like you suggest "julianlee" so keep your pathetic comments to yourself

craigwatson1 is perfectly correct, keep your pathetic comments to yourself and whilst your at it...Keep your crappy comments within your own countries auto mags! (if it has any?) Its like having an illegal immigrant posting notes on here, with the likes of julianlee4 et al on it...Sod off and post off!

I think Auto Express should ban all non British postings on here.British mag, British postings...

Get a life you two!

Dan good to see you have corrected the article to say Beijing rather then Frankfurt.

They may have sold more than we think: the Phaeton is so bland that it's invisible on the road, ideal for the shy and retiring executive.
As a used buy, though, what a cracking proposition.

In some markets where brand ego is less important than value for money the Phaeton is quite a success going toe to toe with the S Class, 7 Series, A8, LS and XJ on quality as well. Even the domestic German market has been slow to accept the Über-VW but further east the sales figures are much more impressive.

And let's not forget that a Russian, Estonian or Latvian customer in this market sector will be looking at all the aforementioned competitors also (well, probably not the XJ on reflection) before making the decision to go Phaeton. In fact these markets are just as image-driven at the higher echelons as our own but the implied perception of VW is much higher.

Everyone I know in the motor industry who has driven a Phaeton thinks it is absolutely superb but it is not industry insiders who go out and make them a sales success. You can lead a horse to water etc, etc.

I'm sorry, but I'm finding it incredibly hard to find anything interesting to say about this car. Hmmm, lets see.... It looks a little like a series two Vauxhall Omega from the rear quarter. No, that's not very interesting, ummm.... *snores*

If your horse is dead - dismount? The other one in English is its like flogging a dead horse!

And thats what VWs doing here because of the fanaticism of some people at the top in Wolfsburg. In a way its rather akin to the EURO now and people are deteimined to make it work immaterial of what it costs!

What make this possible is the extremly good sales of the Bentley models built on the same platform in Dresden.

Quite right. If you want a limousine-sized car at knock-down prices simply buy a Skoda Superb, which is a VW in disguise and has fantastic write-ups. £25k will do it.
As for Krauts posting on these pages, we all know that the Germans are incapable of even the most basic even-handedness and are as biased as the day is long. They are also habitual cheats so my message to that respondant and everyone else is this: if you're British you should be buying a beautiful new Jaguar XJ if you can afford a luxury car, and not a similarly excellent but boring German exec like the BMW 7-series or Merc S-Class (forget the new Audi A8 which is even more hideously generic than the other two).
Now bugger off back to the Bundesliga or bomb the bastards!

you want a good reliable mile eater for use in the real world, a big boot loads of room in the cabin there are a few choices, XJ8-3.0D/ 730D series/S320-Class, A8 3.0TDI or Lexus LS all will cost you around the £55-65.000. Facelift VW Phaeton 3.0TDI SWB is available for£38.000 or less if you can find a pre-registered one with a load of extras on, yes it looks like a oversize Passat but if its as reliable as my 2002 1.9TDI 130 who cares. I'd Spend the extra 10k on the Phaeton a Skoda Superb doesn't even come close.

Well, I bought one a year ago a 2008 model & all that I can say after having driven BMW's, Jags Mercs etc is this car is simply superb. 4 wheel drive at this time of year is excellent, yes there are a lot of 'controls' but once you have mastered them they do what they are meant to do! It is by far one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven & would recommend them to none! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

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