VW puts a price on new Sharan

VW Sharan
21 Oct, 2010 12:29pm Tom Phillips

Deliveries of VW’s all-new people carrier start in November, priced from £22,980.

VW has opened the order books for its all-new Sharan MPV. Prices for the newcomer start from £22,980 for the entry-level S 1.4-litre TSI petrol model. The 1.4-litre model replaces the previous 2.0-litre S, and costs £1,550 more than the outgoing car. The cheapest diesel model starts at £24,320, rising right up to the £30,580 Executive model

There are two petrol and two diesel models to choose from, and all except the DSG-only 2.0-litre petrol come with a choice of manual or DSG twin clutch gearboxes. There are four trim levels available: S, SE, SEL and Executive.  All feature seven seats as standard except for Executive which has six individual, leather-trimmed seats.

The Sharan also features EasyFold seating, which allows the individual seats of the second and third rows to be stowed in the vehicle floor, rather than having to be removed from the car when not needed. All models also get twin rear sliding doors.

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I love the new Sharan - it looks great along with all its bonus features! Definitely a great car!


I read the comment above, not believing that someone could say that this bland box could look great - and then realised it's just an advert. No one could be that crazy.

Well, actually I think it looks quite handsome and, mercifully gimmick-free. I do not seek chrome laden gimmicky design. One of these would suit me just fine!

Another tedious VW this company used to have great looking cars this is not even a design my 3yr old could "design" this

Another great be group car that will be superbly made. But why buy the vw when you can buy the seat Alhambra for £2000 less with better spec.

How can anybody market a car that carries upto 7 people and luggage get away with putting a 1.4 litre engine in it? If we can build 1.4 Litre engines that can push this amount of metal and people around I wonder how it fairs on hills? My grand scenic with a 1.6 ltre VVT engine certainly is gutless on even the slightest of inclines with just 3 people in it!

Please explain if it's therefore possible to tune my 1.6 to have more power without replacing the engine or the car...


I really love VWs, I do, but why did they not make just a little effort to make this distinctive? It has been in the pipeline for years. What they have is another anonymous van with windows, very much a 'mum's' car.

....and too damn expensive! It looks like the Dodge for me.

Hope it's better built than the above lot.

VW were really taking the piss with the quality control, or lack of at their Portugese factory.


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