Volkswagen Touareg specials

27 Jan, 2011 5:04pm Luke Madden

Volkswagen reveals street-legal Race Touareg 3 and 'Gold Edition' at Qatar Motor Show

Fancy a Dakar winning SUV as your daily driver? Volkswagen’s Race Touareg 3 Qatar concept offers just that. It was unveiled at the Qatar motor show and is completely street-legal despite being based on the Race Touareg 3 which won the Dakar rally in January.

Under the bonnet is a 306bhp 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine borrowed from the race-car, which allows for a 0-62mph time of around six seconds. The chassis and carbon composite body are also completely identical to the Dakar car’s.

Changes include a new metallic white paint-job and gold painted 18-inch BBS alloy wheels. Inside, the cabin is noticeably more luxurious than the race-car, with black leather upholstery for the seats and the dash board covered in ‘Matt Carbon’. 

Even more luxurious was VW’s other Qatar concept – the Touraeg Gold Edition. It features roof-rails, window-framing, badges and 22-inch alloys all finished in 24-carat gold. Inside, everything from the door-handles to air-vent surrounds are also finished in real gold. 

The seats are upholstered in a ‘Luna’ coloured quilted leather and the dashboard is covered with a natural brown leather. Volkswagen has said that neither model is being considered for production, but they’re guaranteed to have grabbed the attention of wealthy sheiks in the area who are famous for commissioning luxurious one-off specials.
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