Swedish designer dreams-up retro GT

5 May, 2009 4:25pm Jack Rix

Take the gorgeous body from a Volvo P1800 Coupe, add a modern turbo-charged V8 and here's what you get...

It’s a classic that’s young at heart! Swedish designer Bo Zolland has replicated the original bodyshell of Volvo’s iconic P1800 Coupe – the car featured in the Sixties TV Series, The Saint – and equipped it with a host of modern upgrades to create the ultimate retro GT.

Much like the Mercedes 300SL replica we featured last week, the P1800 has been brought bang-up-to-date. A new front wing, side-skirts, flat underbody and active rear diffuser all help to improve the aerodynamics, while the deep-dish oversize alloys and re-designed interior give it a more modern appearance.

The 1961 original produced just 100bhp from its 1.8-litre engine, but this 2009 remake sets its sights much higher. Squeezed under the bonnet is Volvo’s current 4.4-litre V8 but with a turbo bolted on, turning power up to around 550bhp.

Zolland’s design was commissioned by Vox Customs – a Swedish coachbuilder run by a man who hand-builds Koenigsegg supercars as his day job. The P1800 remake will enter very limited production, but there’s no word on price just yet.

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