Volvo V60 plug-in revealed

13 Dec, 2011 10:22am

The Volvo V60 plug-in will cost £42,000 and the firm hopes to sell 100 of them in the UK next year

Volvo has released full details of its V60 plug-in hybrid, which is set to cost £42,000 (including the Government grant) when it goes on sale in November next year.

The world’s first plug-in diesel hybrid will be able to cover 32 miles in pure electric mode. Despite a combined power output of 212bhp from the 2.4-litre five-cylinder engine and 69bhp electric motor, it will emit a miniscule 49g/km of CO2.

Only 1,000 cars will be built next year, and Volvo plans to bring around 100 of those to the UK.

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but i'm sure they'll find a 100 old people willing to waste their money...

Ok its ugly and expensive, but at least one car manufacture finally had the balls to make a diesel hybrid..... no doubt in the future another would make a better looking and cheaper model

This car is to expensive, by far. Ugly to look at and with to much power, why not a small diesel engine???? The car would have cost less and would have make more sense. All these electrification programms of car manufactureres are a waste of time (and money spilled). Too expensive, no recharge network, unreliable (Ampera) no actieradius (Nissan,Peugeot) etc. Stop with the eco hype! Make small petrol engines like Ford does and VW, with excellent fuel consumption.

I wonder whether anybody has actually seen the car live. It is one of the best looking station wagons for sale, next perhaps to alfa 156. Some may question the practicality but the shape is spot on. Now this is certainly a matter of taste, but I still don't get the wisdom of coupling a diesel with an electric drive. Both types of engines feature high torque at low speeds so it seems a pointless redundancy. Make a variable displacement diesels (like Chrysler and Audi do with their V8 petrol engines) and get rid of heavy and unreliable betteries.

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