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Jaguar XF : Prices & Specs

Smooth performance and slick auto gearboxes define the range – but the 2.0 diesel is a bit noisy

Jaguar XF Chequered Flag
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag 4drDiesel1269.2136£39,280
2.0i [250] Chequered Flag 4dr AutoPetrol1656.7152£42,935
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag 4dr AutoDiesel1358.4136£41,030
2.0i [300] Chequered Flag 4dr Auto AWDPetrol1715.9155£47,235
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag 4dr Auto AWDDiesel1448.5136£42,830
2.0d [240] Chequered Flag 4dr Auto AWDDiesel1516.9153£45,830
Jaguar XF Portfolio
2.0i [250] Portfolio 4dr AutoPetrol38.71656.7152£42,715
2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr AutoDiesel54.31358.4136£40,810
2.0d Portfolio 4dr AutoDiesel53.31359.1132£39,910
2.0d [180] Portfolio 4drDiesel56.51269.2136£39,060
2.0i [300] Portfolio 4dr Auto AWDPetrol37.71715.9155£47,015
2.0d Portfolio 4drDiesel57.61249.8132£38,160
2.0d [240] Portfolio 4dr Auto AWDDiesel47.91516.9153£45,610
3.0d V6 Portfolio 4dr AutoDiesel47.91576.4155£49,110
2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr Auto AWDDiesel50.41448.5136£42,610
Jaguar XF Prestige
2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr AutoDiesel54.31398.4136£36,460
2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr Auto AWDDiesel50.41488.5136£38,260
2.0i [300] Prestige 4dr Auto AWDPetrol37.71715.9155£43,465
2.0d [240] Prestige 4dr Auto AWDDiesel47.91556.9153£41,260
2.0d [180] Prestige 4drDiesel56.51319.2136£34,710
2.0i [250] Prestige 4dr AutoPetrol38.71666.7152£38,365
2.0d Prestige 4drDiesel57.61249.8132£34,210
2.0d Prestige 4dr AutoDiesel53.31359.1132£35,960
Jaguar XF R-Sport
2.0d [240] R-Sport 4dr Auto AWDDiesel47.91516.9153£43,410
2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr AutoDiesel54.31358.4136£38,610
2.0i [250] R-Sport 4dr AutoPetrol38.71656.7152£40,515
2.0d R-Sport 4drDiesel57.61249.8132£35,960
2.0d R-Sport 4dr AutoDiesel53.31359.1132£37,710
2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr Auto AWDDiesel50.41448.5136£40,410
2.0i [300] R-Sport 4dr Auto AWDPetrol37.71715.9155£44,815
2.0d [180] R-Sport 4drDiesel56.51269.2136£36,860
Jaguar XF S
3.0d V6 S 4dr AutoDiesel46.31576.4155£51,610

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