Hyundai i10

20 Mar, 2009 11:42am

Fresh-faced city car looks great, is well equipped and costs little to run

Hyundai is really on a roll – and the i10 is another excellent example. It's a well designed city car with sharp looks, a solidly built and thoroughly modern cabin and room for four.

Unlike most cheap and cheerful small cars, it's well equipped too with every model coming with air-conditioning and side airbags as standard. What's more the i10 rides well and offers precise handling too.

Negatives? Well, all models lack punch. The entry-level 64bhp 1.1-litre version takes almost 16 seconds to get to 60mph and while the 76bhp 1.2 is better, even it feels a bit our of its depth on the motorway. Still, around town they're all fine – and with a five-year warranty plus a starting price tag of £6,795, you can't go wrong.