Best pliers sets - header
Product group tests

Best pliers sets: 2016 group test

17 Aug, 2016

Which of eight full pliers kits is the perfect pick for use on a car?

Best clay bars 2016 - header
Product group tests

Best clay bars: 2016 group test

10 Aug, 2016

We pick the best clay bars to help you prepare bodywork for a top finish

Best screwdriver sets 2016 - header
Product group tests

Best screwdriver sets: 2016 group test

2 Aug, 2016

We take our pick from eight screwdriver sets to name the essential workshop kit

Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay: review and everything you need to know

26 Jul, 2016

Latest news: updated iOS 10 brings more CarPlay functionality including greater integration with Apple Maps

Tyre test 2016 - header

Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2016

25 Jul, 2016

Before you search for the best new tyre deals, read our expert reviews of the best tyres on sale in the UK now

Online route finders - header
Product group tests

Best online route planners: 2016 group test

18 Jul, 2016

Which of eight free sat-nav alternatives is best for planning a route in advance?

In-car essentials - header

Car essentials checklist: everything you should carry in your car

17 Jul, 2016

Which is the car kit you can’t do without? Here are the products we think are indispensable for any road trip

Saab 9-5 windscreen
Tips & advice

Guide to car windscreen repair and car window replacement

7 Jul, 2016

What to do if you get a stone chip or crack in your car windscreen

Waterless car wash - header
Product group tests

Waterless car wash: 2016 group test

7 Jul, 2016

Top up the shine on your car, or give it a quick clean in the garage, as we pick from eight buys for hose-free washing

Best pressure washers: 2016 group test
Product group tests

Best pressure washers: 2016 group test

28 Jun, 2016

We test a selection of high-powered car pressure washer cleaners to pick the master blaster