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Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed

31 May, 2016

Who makes the best in-car entertainment and sat-nav systems? Our top 10 includes verdicts on Audi, Ford and Vauxhall systems

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Petrol or diesel: which is the best car fuel choice for you?

5 May, 2016

Petrol cars and diesel cars have very different characteristics and costs, so which one is better for the way you drive?

Automatic cruise control
Tips & advice

Adaptive Cruise Control: what is it and how does it work?

25 Apr, 2016

Autonomous or Adaptive Cruise Control systems help to take the strain out of driving, here's everything you need to know

Ford Fiesta emergency brake system
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What is AEB? Autonomous Emergency Braking systems explained

25 Apr, 2016

Pre-crash or collision avoidance systems are increasingly common on modern cars, our guide to AEB explains the benefits

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New accelerator pedal saves fuel by pushing back

2 Feb, 2016

Bosch has revealed a new accelerator pedal design that gives haptic feedback to communicate to lead-footed drivers

Volvo voice control tech

Talk to your car with Volvo's new smartwatch tech

5 Jan, 2016

Swedish maker launches wearable voice control system enabling owners to adjust their car’s functions remotely

Driverless cars main pic
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Driverless cars: everything you need to know about self-driving vehicles

21 Jul, 2015

UK politicians are all aboard for the autonomous car revolution but what should you know about driverless cars now?

Contour iPhone
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Best traffic app for your smartphone

9 Mar, 2015

Avoid traffic in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by using one of these iPhone/Android apps

Driving apps, iphone, android, mobile phone
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Best parking app for your phone

6 Mar, 2015

Make your life easier when looking for a parking space by using one of these iPhone/Android apps


Apple Watch - is the 'iWatch' legal for driving?

10 Sep, 2014

Is it legal to use Apple Watch wearable technology while driving?