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Mike Opinion - Korea

"A reunified Korea would be in the top three global car-producing nations"

1 May, 2016

Mike Rutherford's looking into the relationship between the Koreas... and found that in car manufacturing, they get along surprisingly well


'The £1m DfT emissions report tells us nothing we didn't already know'

28 Apr, 2016

As emissions remains a hot topic, editor Graham Hope is struggling to see the point of the Department for Transport's £1m report


The reborn IAM will be better than ever - or so it says

24 Apr, 2016

Mike Rutherford reckons that the rebranded IAM should try to appeal to young drivers - and tell the 'clueless' DfT to step aside


'Your views provide real insight for buyers and car makers'

20 Apr, 2016

There's nothing more valuable to car makers than knowing what you really think, whether they like it or not, says Steve Fowler


"London needs and deserves its own motor show - now it's got one"

17 Apr, 2016

It might not be as big as the New York motor show, but it will be of great benefit to Britain as a whole, says Mike Rutherford


'Formula One is fast becoming a farce which is best ignored'

13 Apr, 2016

Steve Fowler's love affair with F1 is almost over, as he resorts to wishful thinking in order to keep the flame alive


'Jaguar Land Rover ranks as one of the most daring car firms on the planet'

8 Apr, 2016

JLR is giving rivals a real lesson in creativity, along with taking care of costly third-party activities, says Mike Rutherford


'The Jaguar F-Pace lives up to the hype, and is a fitting tribute'

6 Apr, 2016

The new F-Pace stands out but we're reminded that it's people who make the car industry great


"It's been left to PSA to build the most fuel-efficient car"

3 Apr, 2016

After a weekend in the UK's most economical car, Mike Rutherford wonders why other manufacturers can't catch up in the economy race


"Could Mazda's World Car of the Year win be the start of something big?"

30 Mar, 2016

Mazda stole the show at the awards ceremony - one that's usually dominated by German brands, says Steve Fowler