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Opinion factory

“Maybe if UK had someone like Trump, MG Rover wouldn’t have crashed & burned”

28 Aug, 2015

Mike Rutherford can’t get a straight answer on official view on Brit-based car makers building plants overseas and hiring workers there

Opinion EV charging

“The electric car is being stalled by a lack of charging network”

26 Aug, 2015

It’s not range anxiety, but charging anxiety that’s stopping electric cars really taking off, says Steve Fowler


"Supermarkets are at war - and you're merely a pawn in the game"

21 Aug, 2015

Low supermarket fuel prices aren’t about being generous to drivers, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion Land Rover Defender

“Does it really matter where JLR builds the next Defender?”

19 Aug, 2015

It’s more important that JLR builds a brilliant new Defender than where it’s built, says Steve Fowler

Opinion bad dealers VW

“Car companies spend fortunes attracting customers - only to handle them atrociously”

14 Aug, 2015

As Driver Power reveals, big brands need to stop the arrogance and deliver better quality service, says Mike Rutherford

Abarth 500X OPINION

"A new breed of sporty, performance SUVs is on the way"

12 Aug, 2015

There’s another new niche coming your way, says deputy editor Graham Hope

Opinion London super car 'asbos'

“Owners contribute thousands to Treasury, but politicians want ‘supercar Asbos’”

7 Aug, 2015

Local authorities want crackdown on ‘anti-social’ supercar owners, despite providing support for UK economy says Mike Rutherford

Opinion Ford

“Let’s hope Ford’s halo models light up the rest of the range”

5 Aug, 2015

The Focus RS, Mustang and GT are generating a genuine feelgood factor for Ford, but it needs to filter down the range, says Graham Hope


"The world’s number one vehicle producer needs the world’s number one designer"

31 Jul, 2015

Toyota is celebrating 50 successful years in Britain, but columnist Mike Rutherford thinks it needs some new blood

Opinion Audi

“Is Audi about to become the ultimate driving machine?”

29 Jul, 2015

It’s a bit early to say new Audis are world-beaters, but big steps are being made in the right direction, says Steve Fowler