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Opinion tyres

“Think long and hard about bargain-basement tyres”

3 Jul, 2015

Buyers think less about tyres than baby seats, airbags and braking systems, says Mike Rutherford - but they’re just as important

Opinion awards

“Our winners highlight the pace of progress in the car business”

1 Jul, 2015

The Auto Express New Car Awards have highlighted just how impressive new cars are and how fast-paced the car industry is, says Steve Fowler


"The Land Rover Defender is undoubtedly unforgettable"

25 Jun, 2015

Two recent manufacturing milestones got deputy editor Graham Hope thinking about the most memorable motors

Opinion Rutherford

“My Young Adult Cancer Trust charity van is a true one-off”

24 Jun, 2015

Mike Rutherford now has a van he thinks could become a venue for blood tests, screening and more to raise awareness of cancer-related issues

OPINION potholes

"If motorists are so reluctant to put up a fight, the politicians will continue beating us with a stick"

19 Jun, 2015

Driver lethargy is the reason why our roads are underfunded, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Brit list 2015 opinion

"Our 2015 Brit List highlights the incredible talent from the UK"

17 Jun, 2015

Editor Steve Fowler explains the thinking behind the 2015 Brit List which honours the UK's leading car industry executives


"Reports of the death of the motorist are greatly exaggerated"

12 Jun, 2015

The growth of driverless cars doesn't mean the end of the motor industry, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Opinion London Motor Show

“The UK deserves a great car show - and now it’s got one”

10 Jun, 2015

The London Motor Show will be a showcase for all that’s great about the British car industry, says Steve Fowler


“The 20-year warranty is available in the US, and it could be bound for the UK”

5 Jun, 2015

On a recent trip, Mike Rutherford visited a Miami auto mall to find a 20-year warranty on offer. Could it be coming to the UK?

Road rules opinion

"It’s time for the rules of the road to catch up with our hi-tech cars"

3 Jun, 2015

The pace of change in the car industry hasn’t been matched by development elsewhere, says deputy editor Graham Hope