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OPINION - american ideas

"America can keep its guns, but there are plenty of motoring ideas it should send our way"

27 Nov, 2015

Mike Rutherford would like to bring some aspects of American motoring culture to UK shores but leave others...


'The 124 Spider could be the car to reignite Fiat's fortunes'

25 Nov, 2015

It's a smart move to look at yesteryear for inspiration, says Steve Fowler


"Hyundai and Kia should recruit ex-VW Group bosses"

20 Nov, 2015

Top-end Genesis models could go up against Bentleys with the right people behind the brand, says Mike Rutherford


"Hyundai has been transforming how people buy cars"

18 Nov, 2015

The brand's Rockar shopping centre store is a great new way to buy a car, and other car makers should follow suit, says Steve Fowler

David Cameron OPINION

"Diesels seem to be appropriate for politicians - but not for us"

13 Nov, 2015

Politicians are bullying diesel owners- but they use diesels themselves, says columnist Mike Rutherford


"The true effect of the VW scandal has yet to emerge"

11 Nov, 2015

Car buyers are thinking twice about what and when - but they still want to buy cars, says Steve Fowler


'Buick is dependable in the US - so why can't Brits buy them?'

6 Nov, 2015

US reliability reports say Buick is the most reliable brand across the pond; Mike Rutherford asks why they aren't in the UK...


'Mazda and Subaru do things differently - even bordering on the maverick'

4 Nov, 2015

The Japanese brands' determination leads to some fantastic cars, says Graham Hope


'Car manufacturers building our houses is a great idea'

30 Oct, 2015

Could car makers diversify into building homes? Mike Rutherford wouldn't bet against it...


'The car industry mustn't get bogged down in negativity'

28 Oct, 2015

There is a worry that the car industry is currently a soft target and one that needs kicking, says Graham Hope