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"The state is now financially punishing diesel drivers"

26 Jun, 2016

With diesel engines under fire, Mike Rutherford is worried that owners who bought their cars in good faith will soon face penalties

Graham opinion mini

"No sign of a mini MINI yet - but we're hopeful"

22 Jun, 2016

Does MINI's Vision Next 100 concept preview a truly compact MINI? Editor Graham Hope sincerely hopes so


'British execs in the car industry continue to overachieve on the global stage'

15 Jun, 2016

The influence of Brits on the cars we buy and dream about is greater than ever, says Steve Fowler


'In or out of the EU: it'll make no difference to motorists'

13 Jun, 2016

Whether our next PM is Boris or Dave, and we're in or we're out, life for the UK's 50m motorists won't change, says Mike Rutherford


'Rallycross is now the most exciting motorsport out there'

10 Jun, 2016

F1 is more about tech than the drivers, WRC has lost its identity and touring car races fail to excite, says Mike Rutherford


"The proof we're a nation that loves to look after our cars"

8 Jun, 2016

A recent report shows that Brits splash out an average of £695 a year looking after their cars - and we're here to help you spend it wisely


"The BBC owes the public coverage of real-world motoring"

5 Jun, 2016

With its vast resources, the BBC should concentrate more on affordable motoring for real people, says Mike Rutherford


"We'd like you to tell us the best-looking car of the year"

1 Jun, 2016

Design is subjective - and with that in mind we'd like you to vote for the best-looking car you've seen in the last 12 months


"A solution to overcrowded cities? The Urban Car"

31 May, 2016

Mike Rutherford's taken responsibility for the World Urban Car award at WCotY 2017, which aims to solve the issues of overcrowded city roads

Opinion - EU referendum

“How will our future in Europe impact upon us car owners?”

29 May, 2016

With the EU referendum closing in, Steve Fowler looks at the pros and cons of the UK remaining in the European Union