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"The world’s number one vehicle producer needs the world’s number one designer"

31 Jul, 2015

Toyota is celebrating 50 successful years in Britain, but columnist Mike Rutherford thinks its needs some new blood

Opinion Audi

“Is Audi about to become the ultimate driving machine?”

29 Jul, 2015

It’s a bit early to say new Audis are world-beaters, but big steps are being made in the right direction, says Steve Fowler

Opinion London Motor Show

“I’m confident the London Motor Show will be a sell-out success”

24 Jul, 2015

The London Motor Show is set to be one of the UK’s great car-related events that's not to be missed, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion Fiat Abarth

“Abarth adds spice to fast Fiats, but what about other models?”

22 Jul, 2015

The 124 Spider proves Fiat has a heart, but Steve Fowler wants to see more that the brand could offer to mainstream buyers

Opinion traffic

“It’s only a matter of time before a major UK city or town bans all private cars”

17 Jul, 2015

Motorists are being squeezed out of busy towns and cities - and politicians are to blame, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion Mercedes tech

“Step forward Mercedes - still first when it comes to new tech”

15 Jul, 2015

It’s fascinating to witness the car tech race that’s happening, says Steve Fowler - both for the driver and who’s getting there first

Opinion rail roads

"Turn Britain's defunct rail routes into new roads with cycle lanes"

10 Jul, 2015

Disused railway lines are usually broad enough for a bike path, a no overtaking car lane and a hard shoulder

Opinion car design

“We’d like to see cars designed by designers, not accountants”

8 Jul, 2015

Conservatism seems to be the name of the car design game lately, says Steve Fowler - but we want to see bolder designs

Opinion tyres

“Think long and hard about bargain-basement tyres”

3 Jul, 2015

Buyers think less about tyres than baby seats, airbags and braking systems, says Mike Rutherford - but they’re just as important

Opinion awards

“Our winners highlight the pace of progress in the car business”

1 Jul, 2015

The Auto Express New Car Awards have highlighted just how impressive new cars are and how fast-paced the car industry is, says Steve Fowler