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Geneva opinion

"Isn't it time the UK took over as the motor show capital of Europe?"

27 Feb, 2015

The huge cost of visiting Geneva is pricing it out of the market, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Opinion Apple

Ten reasons why Apple will be worrying car makers to the core

25 Feb, 2015

Amidst rumours of Apple producing its own car, Steve Fowler lists ten reasons why the tech giant should be taken seriously

Opinion World Car Awards

"Germany’s number one when it comes to designing and building the best cars”

20 Feb, 2015

As Mike Rutherford has voted in 2015’s World Car Awards, he thinks the Germans have the market cornered, but Brits aren’t far behind

Opinion Volvo

“At last, a car maker that’s not obsessed with beating BMW”

18 Feb, 2015

After driving the new XC90, Steve Fowler thinks Volvo has come of age with a clear direction for the future

Opinion Mike driving appraisal

“Annual driving appraisals aren’t compulsory - but they should be”

13 Feb, 2015

Mike Rutherford thinks a compulsory driving appraisal every year could be one of the best investments a motorist can make


"Fiat’s had more false dawns than the England football team"

11 Feb, 2015

We’ve been teased by the prospect of future Fiats before, only to find another 500 variant, says Steve Fowler

Opinion Mazda MX-5

“There’s a lot that other car firms could learn from Mazda”

6 Feb, 2015

Deputy editor Graham Hope thinks Mazda’s constant search for innovation is paying huge dividends, and that others should take note

Opinion World Car Awards

“Cars at the bottom of the affordability scale shouldn’t be underestimated”

4 Feb, 2015

Mike Rutherford gives his run-down of some of the contenders for this year’s World Car Awards

Opinion - car production

“UK car production hits a high and is set to grow even more”

30 Jan, 2015

With an election looming, Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler hopes the next government sees the importance of further UK growth and investment

Jaguar XE Opinion

“Merc, BMW and Audi have had their glory. Maybe, with the XE, it's Jag’s turn”

28 Jan, 2015

With the arrival of the brand new XE, Jaguar is threatening to play the Germans at their own game, says Mike Rutherford