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Opinion - car production

“UK car production hits a high and is set to grow even more”

30 Jan, 2015

With an election looming, Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler hopes the next government sees the importance of further UK growth and investment

Jaguar XE Opinion

“Merc, BMW and Audi have had their glory. Maybe, with the XE, it's Jag’s turn”

28 Jan, 2015

With the arrival of the brand new XE, Jaguar is threatening to play the Germans at their own game, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion chargers

"I’d choose a cheap old banger over an electric car any day of the week"

23 Jan, 2015

Electric vehicles and charging points just aren’t up to the job, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Opinion Ford GT

"Ford's supercar stole the show, but how does it affect the Mondeo?"

21 Jan, 2015

The day tech from the Ford GT supercar makes its way onto everyday models can't come soon enough, says Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler

Transport policy opinion

"Transport is as much of a day-to-day issue as crime, the economy and immigration"

16 Jan, 2015

Getting transport policy right is crucial for the upcoming election, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Merc opinion

“Isn’t the sheer number of Mercedes models getting a little confusing?”

14 Jan, 2015

Deputy editor Graham Hope is struggling to make sense of Merc's ever-expanding range

Mercedes F 015 opinion

"Your future car could be like a butler, and sooner than you might think"

14 Jan, 2015

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler on the amazing car tech that will change our lives

Opinion: French cars style

"French car makers can offer a sense of style that German brands probably never will"

11 Jan, 2015

The Citroen C4 Cactus has led way for new breed of stylish French cars now a new Renault 5 is following suit

Money saving, cash, hands, sale, rutherford, opinion

"My New Year’s resolution is to pay full retail price for, er, nothing"

7 Jan, 2015

Auto Express columnist Mike Rutherford is looking forward to a pound-pinching 2015

Opinion: rental revolution

"The rental revolution has begun. Consumers may never want to buy a new car again"

26 Dec, 2014

Great car rental deals may spell the end for car ownership as we know it but that could still be great news for consumers