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Opinion Tesla Model X

“Tesla’s right to be concerned about pollution inside cars”

7 Oct, 2015

It’s tailpipe emissions in the headlines, but the next big concern will be internal air cleanliness, and Tesla is one step ahead

Opinion new cars

“It’s optional extras that car buyers need to think about carefully”

2 Oct, 2015

Too often new car buyers don’t think about optional extras - and that’s a big mistake, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion British cars

“The door’s left open for makers to find cheaper land & workers abroad”

26 Sep, 2015

No other nation would display 50 per cent of its flag when promoting its products, says Mike Rutherford - why is Britain?

Opinion JLR

“A win, win, win situation is possible for JLR at World Car Awards”

18 Sep, 2015

For the first time, Jaguar Land Rover is going for gold at the World Car Awards and the Germans should be worried, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion SUVs

“SUVs are, at last, living up to the name”

16 Sep, 2015

There are plenty who want a sports car but can’t have one, so the more SUVs and crossovers the merrier, says Steve Fowler

Opinion SsangYong

“I love SsangYong’s determination to deliver good value for money”

11 Sep, 2015

Mike Rutherford thinks SsangYong is, in many respects, enjoying great success thanks to the likes of Hyundai and Kia moving upmarket

Opinion British

“Britain’s putting on a fantastic show on the world stage”

9 Sep, 2015

There’s no doubt that British cars will be hogging the headlines at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, says Steve Fowler

Opinion dealers

“The franchised new car garage as we know it is wrong”

4 Sep, 2015

The customer experience and business models of tired, traditional franchised dealers need a revolution, says Mike Rutherford


"It's going to get more difficult for every new Kia to impress us"

2 Sep, 2015

Kia has a tough job ahead if it intends to keep improving its cars, says Steve Fowler

Opinion factory

“Maybe if UK had someone like Trump, MG Rover wouldn’t have crashed & burned”

28 Aug, 2015

Mike Rutherford can’t get a straight answer on official view on Brit-based car makers building plants overseas and hiring workers there