Volkswagen up! front action
Car group tests

Cheapest cars to run

23 Sep, 2014

What is the cheapest car to run in the UK? Our list of the top 10 most cost-effective new cars reveals all

Scary cars

The scariest cars we've ever driven

24 Oct, 2014

The Auto Express team relive the scary cars they've had the misfortune to encounter in our Halloween special

BAC Mono front cornering

Best track day cars

23 Oct, 2014

Our top ten best track day cars have the potential to turn you into a circuit driving hero

Toyota Prius plug-in 2013 front action
Car group tests

Best low emissions green cars

22 Oct, 2014

What are the best green cars currently on sale? Find out here...

BMW i8 UK rear

Best tax-free cars

20 Oct, 2014

Our favourite tax-exempt cars offer impressively low running costs, especially for business users

Hennessey Venom GT

What is the fastest car in the world?

17 Oct, 2014

With Hennessey claiming a new production car speed record we look back at the world's fastest road cars

Fastest cars in the world

Top 10 fastest road cars

16 Oct, 2014

You can't legally drive a car at 200mph on the road but the top 10 fastest road cars will do it, and then some!

Tow Car of the Year 2015
Car group tests

Tow Car of the Year 2015

9 Oct, 2014

We name Britain’s top tow cars across the key classes of the market, before crowning our overall champion

MINI Cooper vs rivals

Best small cars

9 Oct, 2014

Here are the 10 best small cars available, from the nimble MINI to the spacious Nissan Note