Tax disc

Bye-bye tax disc: UK Vehicle Excise Duty road tax changes explained

30 Sep, 2014

The UK paper tax disc will be scrapped on October 1st 2014. We explain the new Vehicle Excise Duty system for taxing your car

Car insurance comparison sites

Car insurance industry faces shake-up

25 Sep, 2014

More information for consumers and ban on comparison site deals with insurers

Consumer group to sue Fiat and VW over MPG claims

Consumer group to sue Fiat and VW over MPG claims

24 Sep, 2014

Italian group is calling on motorists to join lawsuit over allegations of exaggerated fuel economy

Parking ticket appeal

Parking ticket appeal rates revealed: over half are successful

24 Sep, 2014

Exclusive: data reveals parking ticket appeal rates in each UK region are as low as one per cent

Diesel smog, haze, pollution

Boris Johnson's diesel scrappage scheme could cost £300m

12 Sep, 2014

Diesel scrappage scheme could cost £300m but would take dirtiest diesels off the road under plans supported by Mayor of London

Mileage clocking

Car clocking: is mileage correction legal?

11 Sep, 2014

We look at hi-tech mileage correction companies in the UK - and ask if what they do is really legal


Apple Watch - is the 'iWatch' legal for driving?

10 Sep, 2014

Is it legal to use Apple Watch wearable technology while driving?

Drink driving

Female drink-drive convictions almost double

9 Sep, 2014

New report calls on drink-drive limit to be lowered as number of female drink drivers has risen since 1998

New car sales rise for 30th consecutive month

New car sales rise for 30th consecutive month

5 Sep, 2014

Total number of cars sold in 2014 surpasses the 1.5 million mark with August figures

Road markings

TfL claims removing white lines from roads reduces speeds

4 Sep, 2014

Study by Transport for London finds that removing central road markings cuts speeds by 4mph