Ford EcoSport SUV

4 Jan, 2012 11:34am Jack Rix

Ford has released first pictures of its latest global model, a Fiesta-based small SUV

Ford has revealed a Fiesta-based small SUV, called the EcoSport. The new model will make its debut in India at the Delhi Auto Expo tomorrow, although a special launch event will also be held in Brasilia, Brazil - emphasising that this is a model aimed primarily at emerging markets.

It will be sold in the UK too, and in over 100 countries worldwide, making this the latest addition to the One Ford global car line-up, which already includes the new Focus, Fiesta and Kuga.

Video: watch official footage of the new Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport marks a milestone for Ford, as the first global model to be designed and developed entirely by its South American team.

The first-generation Ford EcoSport, based on the Ford Fusion and developed by Ford South America in 2003, went on to sell more than 700,000 units as a regional product - hence why Ford has such high-hopes for this new model.

The styling is clearly derived from the Fiesta, but uses a bold front grille, slimmer more detailed headlights and plastic cladding on the side sills and bumpers to increase road presence while mainting the same footprint on the road as a Fiesta.

It will also be one of the first recipients of Ford's new three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine. In the EcoSport it will produce 118bhp, 170Nm of torque and emit less than 140g/km of CO2.

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I don't understand that big ugly grille....

Looks awful

I like it. Remember, that grill looks extra big with those chrome lines which I beleive won't be on the production version. Just ad a numberplate to the mix and you will see a big difference.

Congratulations Ford,
you've managed to produce a vehicle that is even more ugly than the Mini Countryman.Thats not easy!

Looks like the radiator opening has been squeezed out and the air intake has taken over! The grill needs a bit of tweaking but apart from that it will be a great seller and will certainly be on my shortlist when I replace my current Ford.

Simply HORRIBLE. The Fiesta is a very attractive car - why ruin it like this?

Oh dear, what are Ford thinking? what an ugly thing, and the rear end has a lot of clues from the mighty Nissan Qashqai! errrrr

But I'm not convinced the bootlid spare wheel mounting is in keeping with this type of care. I agree with the other correspondents that the grille is too big, but on the whole I'd say "not bad". There are much worse looking SUVs out there.

Whoever it is responsible for car designs like theses should be given their marching orders. I totally agree with a lot of the comments here - "Horrible", What were they thinking," etc but I expect the hairdresser brigade will love it!!
Why don't they bring the Fusion (the USA one, not ours) over here. That would sale.

selling cars in india? have you seen how they drive there? ice road truckers and top gear showed the true India as i know it. there is no sense of direction, insurance looks to be sky high because no one looks like they are insured to drive, no one accepts responsilbilty for accidents. These companies will not only make huge profits but they will also make huge profits in after care and services. All those Jags, Beemer's coming back home with dents and scratches, don't think they will survive too long

I agree with all the readers who hate that grille! Ford are really excelling themselves at producing hideous cars at the moment. The S Max is the only slight exception, although they succeeded in making that more gappy grilled at the last facelift too. The new Focus takes my breath away every time I see one - it is SO ugly! Why oh why?

Griller Gorilla....

Memo to Ford Executives: Can we have an automatic option, please?

clever response to nissan juke, skoda yeti - vw polo, daihatsu terrios. It's more beautiful than them.
I hope to small economical engines and the value of money of ford.. Good luck

Come on kids think think, it's not a Fiesta ,it's not meant to look like a Fiesta and its not meant to replace the Fiesta. The only reason Fiesta was mentioned was to give you an idea of size ie; its built on the fiest floor pan so how can it "spoil the fiesta" I'll admit it's not very pretty but that wouldn't stop me buying a fiesta.

I've not a fan of Ford styling - and especially detest the Fiesta's (a dumpy car with undersized wheels) - but if they sort the grill out I could quite like this...

Yah it will be super duper cool looking if the grill is going to be divider by a wide number plate holder.

This must be the overdue replacement for the Fusion. To the surprise of many, Ford's European head of design recently said the new B-Max wouldn't directly replace the Fusion. Now we know why.

I like it. I think there will be some...aesthetic adjustment, here, but will grow on people quickly (though not literally!). To design a car for the tastes of the world market is a high bar, indeed. It should be successful. However, their drive train and branding efforts will be critically important to how the markets will react. That will fascinating to watch unfold.


This going to be an excellent product, and fun with that 1L turbo engine. India is an excellent market because if offers critical mass which every product needs to be successful. Good going Ford, and great forward thinking, this is what makes you successful when all others had to be bailed out.