New Nissan Pulsar 2014: price, release date & full details

24 Jul, 2014 11:10am Jack Rix

Nissan is returning to the family hatchback sector with an all new Nissan Pulsar - here's all you need to know about it

Nissan has unveiled the all-new Pulsar hatch – its answer to the Ford Focus, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra. The car marks the brand’s re-entry into the highly competitive family hatch segment for the first time since the Almera ceased production in 2006, and revives a name originally used in 1978 but never here.

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The Pulsar is designed to slot below the new Qashqai and X-Trail in the line-up to form a family of three, and its resemblance to its SUV big brothers is striking. At the front, the V-shaped grille surrounding the badge, and angled headlights, are virtually identical to the Qashqai’s, as are the strong shoulder line and upturned crease above the sills.

The Pulsar name has been used in global markets since it was introduced in 1978. In some European markets the Sunny was called Pulsar, and it was also used on the car that we knew as the Almera.

Nissan Pulsar 2014 price and release date

Nissan’s new Pulsar goes on sale in the UK in autumn 2014. The cheapest model will be the Pulsar Visia, starting from £15,995. It’s equipped with a five-inch touchscreen infotainment centre, Bluetooth connectivity and air-conditioning. 16-inch alloys are standard, while cruise control and electric mirrors are also factory-fit.

Spending from £17,645 gets you the second Pulsar model: the Acenta. Extra kit comes in the shape of autonomous emergency braking, dusk-sensing lights, automatic wipers and keyless entry.

Nissan Pulsar logo

The third model in the family is the Pulsar ntec, which brings 17-inch alloy wheels, tinted glass and LED running lights. A reversing camera and upgraded infotainment system with extra functionality like smartphone integration and downloadable apps is also thrown in. It’ll set you back £18,995.

Topping the tree is the Nissan Pulsar Tekna. Starting at £20,345, Nissan throws everything it’s got into the car, adding safety features like moving object detection, lane departure and blind spot warning aids, under the ‘Nissan Safety Shield’ umbrella. Heated leather seats are also added to garnish the top-dog Tekna.

Nissan Pulsar 2014: engines

Under the Pulsar’s bonnet, Nissan will offer the choice of either the 113bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine seen in the recently updated Juke crossover, or the brand’s 109bhp 1.5-litre turbodiesel driving the front wheels. A choice of six-speed manual or ‘Xtronic’ CVT automatic transmissions are offered.

Nissan has also confirmed there’ll be a faster 189bhp, 240Nm 1.6-litre petrol Pulsar available from early 2015. A Golf GTI-rivalling Pulsar Nismo is likely to boast a 197bhp version of the same engine, while an even hotter 215bhp Pulsar Nismo RS, featuring a mechanical limited-slip diff on the front axle, is also expected in due course.

Nissan Pulsar tech details

Nissan Pulsar screen

At 4,385mm in length, the Pulsar is 115mm longer than the Golf. The wheelbase is 63mm longer, too, at 2,700mm. Exact figures have yet to be released, but Nissan claims the new car offers “considerably” more rear leg, shoulder and kneeroom than its rivals.

The Pulsar should be one of the safest cars in its class thanks to the adoption of the Safety Shield package already available on the X-Trail, Qashqai and facelifted Juke. This includes autobraking, a 360-degree camera system giving the driver a full picture of their surroundings when parking or pulling out, plus lane-departure and blind-spot warning.

While the Pulsar was originally to be built in Nissan’s Sunderland factory, that capacity will now be taken up by Infiniti’s Q30 compact crossover. Instead, the new hatch will be made in Barcelona, Spain, although it was designed at Nissan’s studio in Paddington, London, while the engineering development was carried out at its base in Cranfield, Beds.

New Nissan Pulsar interior

Nissan's new Golf-rivalling Pulsar has also opened its doors for the first time. In keeping with its ‘shrunken Qashqai’ look on the outside, the cabin borrows plenty of cues from its sister car, while a number of components are carried over entirely.

The steering wheel, for example, is identical, along with the gearlever, instrument cluster and central display. But the dash architecture is different and swoops around the main control panel, while chrome and piano black trim improve the feeling of quality.

The new Nissan Pulsar hatchback will have superior refinement to its premium German competitors, according to Nissan’s Vice President, Andy Palmer. Speaking to Auto Express at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Palmer qualified a Tweet he posted on 27 June, which read “Nissan Pulsar dynamic sign-off today - superb NVH!”

“I’m not looking for a car that is ultimately very very sporty”, he told Auto Express. “I’m looking for something that can transition a customer from a Qashqai to a hatchback. It needs the same DNA, but we want to keep ex-Qahsqai buyers in the Nissan family. It has to have a familiar design and handling.

“It’s very smooth, and doesn’t transmit impulses back into the car”, according to Palmer. “[The Pulsar] is very solid, and very neutral. Yesterday I knocked the VDC [stability control] off and starting sliding it through a few roundabouts! It’s very balanced, but we haven’t given it particularly fast steering. The steering is quite light, so it’s good for urban use and normal customers. The NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) is better than our competitors. Wind noise is excellent, and structural noise is very good.”

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If it turns out to be as good in its segment as the Note is in B then the mediocre Golf will be crushed by yet another competitor.

Couldn't agree more. Nothing screams i've got no passion, i've got no creativity, i've got no inspiration, i've got no interest than owning a Golf.

What do you guys drive then? - you seem to have real hatred for the VW marque.

I like New Nissan Pulsar hatch to tackle Golf and Focus

In some places such as Ireland and Germany dont they already have the Tiida ?that replaced the Almera, or is the Pulsar gonna replace the Tiida ?

The Golf is a car is all, and a decent one. At worst, it says that you prefer a road tool, rather than needing to shout about it. As for 'passion, creativity, inspiration', I guess they keep marketing suits in work. btw I don't drive a Golf.

I think you need to replace the word "prefer" with "are" and your comment becomes more accurate.

Why insult the many thousands of Golf drivers out there? If you don't like the car itself, surely you can just buy something else?

Can't say the Note appeals particularly, especially in its latest guise.

I've never been able to understand why Nissan pulled Almera out of the C-Segment in the first place. You can still see some plying on the roads.
It is too soon to comment on what the Pulsar will be like. But it certainly will have the distinction of being the first SUV-based compact car.

Can they bring back the Bluebird next?

The problem is that VWs are marketed as aspirational - sort of second tier premium and so are somewhat overpriced, and some gullible people believe it. You can't blame people for reacting against the blatant pro VW bias on this sponsored site. It's just a reaction, if we had genuinely balanced articles then people wouldn't feel the need to rip into VW.

I think this could be potentially very good. Nissan (in my opinion) are design some really nice looking cars these days and know how to produce a good handling car too. With Nissan's usual attributes of reliability and build quality the Pulsar could be a fine alternative to the usual more obvious offerings. I like others here, would never consider a Golf or any of it's VAG sister models. While I would acknowledge the Golf is a good car, its far to obvious and unadventurous for me.

I see what you mean - I'd not really taken in the VW logo top right on the site. Still, they are good vehicles, and I'm not sure that anyone thinks a Golf is more aspirational than a Focus - but if so, then perhaps the marketing isn't entirely a waste of time and money.

Yes the Golf will have a big chunk of it sales taken away by this new Nissan. They seem to be able to produce a good range at the moment. I did see that V W sales are down in the farthertland, Oh dear !! . Looked at the current latest Golf yesterday which was next to me Its so bland it just does not say anything other than I,m a boring. Not one feature stands out to be admired not one . Is it me there are not many being sold as I see so so few around

I had a '90 Nissan Pulsar with T-Tops. Loved it, and always wanted to get the Kammback hatchback replacement. I want a small 2-seat hatchback with T-Tops like the 2nd generation Pulsar or the mid-90s MR-2. Please, auto makers, grant my wish!

Adam, i also want them to bring back the Bluebird.

No way.
No chance.
Never will.

Jamie, you like everything, I admire your positivity.

Not to mention the appalling reliability of the "premium" brand.

Credit goes to NETC at Cranfield, the design studios in London and the excellent production facility in the North East.

Good that there are VW supporters, such as yourself, that can be disagreed with without risking a bout of Furore Teutonicus! Returning to Nissan, will this new model from this rather schizophrenic maker resemble the present Micra or the Juke. One is IMHO more bland than anything VW have come up with, whilst the other is "up" with the Countryman as the most vulgar thing on the road.
Hopefully it will resemble neither.

Agree with you on both counts. However, I've bought several Micras over the years, the best being the original Noddy-style car, one of which my younger daughter is pleased to drive. Handling and ride comfort way better than you'd expect, also visibility and ergonomics. The new Qashqai is pretty nice, albeit looking more standard-issue SUV than before. My fave Nissan is the 350Z hardtop, an original design packed with neat detailing.

The fact of the matter is the latest golf hasn't been crushed by any competitor. In terms of sales and reviews it's up there - right at the very top! Only the focus can hold a candle to it.

You really are a troll. What an idiotic statement!

Hilarious to see the troll(s) out again with his
anti-german propaganda. It's funny that the overwhelming majority of car
reviewers agree that the Focus and Golf (and it's sisters) are heads and
shoulders above the competition. Back to this article, chances are that this
nissan could be a very good car indeed. The First gen Almeras and primeras were
outstandingly good and offered a great combination of driving pleasure and
comfort. Even the Note is a very competent car and is leagues ahead of the
mainstream rubbish Honda and toyota have been churning out for years. I look
forward to the reviews!

All cars are marketed as aspirational! That's pretty much what all car adverts have done for years.

As for "the blatant pro VW bias on this sponsored site". OK, let's give that conspiracy theory the benefit of the doubt. Go to just about any review site or magazine. Why do they all rate the golf so highly? Are they all sposored by vw? And if they all are, why do they only heap their praise on the golf and UP? What about all the other models that are outclassed by the competitors? Also, before the Up, why did the all the review sites not like the VW Fox? Why did all the reviews prefer the Mk1 Focus to all it's competitors (including the golf)?

If you tried to scrap together an ounce of intelligence in your arguments and conspiracy theories then people might listen.

But what car in that class does? It's a million times more appealing than a jazz, for example.

"Mainstream rubbish Honda and Toyota have been churning out for years". That sounds to me like quite an "idiotic statement" (your words above!) and completely untrue, not to mention a bit trollish!

Furore Teutonicus has appeared after all I see! Inevitable I suppose. This thread was supposed to be about Nissan.

Pulsar is a much better name than Almera. Was a great car though.

I think your right about there not being may new shape Golfs around. The irony is it's probably other sister models in the VW group line up like the Octavia, Leon and A3 that are stealing its sales. Personally I don't see any real USP with the Golf. IMO the Golf is just a very competent cleanly styled car, but I don't find it interesting on any level unlike many of its rivals.

But it's a great car for getting from A to B, it's not a performance car, you're not going to be attacking corners at it but you'll get where you need to and be comfortable

I honestly can't think of a recent Honda or Toyota that hasn't been a dull sheetbox and rubbish to drive. Perhaps the Rav4 is still passable a decent car. Of course, fifteen years ago they had some amazing cars: the first Yaris, Rav4, MR2, Celica, Supra, S2000, NSX Prelude etc. Yes there's now the GT86, but we all know thats a Subaru!

meh... Not very exciting design...

This looks OK and will I,m sure eat at Focus /Astra and Golf sales , as current Nissan,s seem to be good drivers cars. Reliable to even the mighty Golf has many reliability problems .Time will tell but a good effort from Nissan/Renault

Why is it idiotic? The Golf is the average Germans' car of choice hence why they sell 20k units every month in Germany alone. Most people who buy a Golf go straight to the VW showroom without considering any of its rivals. I'd buy a Leon over a Golf any day of the week and i'll laugh at anyone who puts their nose up at me in their poverty spec Golf because they think it's a better product when i'll know its the same car underneath but at least i'd show that i'll have more exotic taste and no assumptions unlike the sheep who worship the VW badge. Oh dear, i must have hit a nerve with you. Maybe putting a big exhaust, or matt raping on your Golf might liven up your personality.

I'm a little disappointed with this new Pulsar. The Qashqai and X-Trail look great (I even like the Juke) and demonstrate what Nissan can do, this on the other hand looks a little bland a little too tall, much like the last generation Toyota Auris. However, Nissan have a strong range of engines, have proven they can get cars to ride and handle properly and be very refined. If they get these aspects right with the Pulsar, and price it sensibly, this could be a very good car.

I'm so disappointed. I thought seeing as they have done a good job reworking the tiida exterior, that this would get a different interior, maybe the one from the qashqai. Sadly not. Tiida interior it is with Note/Micra style floating dash and weird up sweeping lines. With the qashqai interior this could have been a winner.

Really? Focus is an amazing car and a great value. On the other hand Golf is nothing but the most average car for the above average price. It's the average in all of the reliability studies, it's average looking, average handling car, with average interior. And yet it's the "Car of the year" even though it doesn't introduce or do anything new or great. Every other car in the category has heaps of character compared to Golf. Interior is the most bland thing you can imagine... Although, you don't need to imagine it, it's basically the same for few generations.
I don't blame VW - while there are so many people buying VW without even checking the competition why would they even try to do something different? Waste of money.

But what really surprised me that even german Auto Bild chose Pro Cee'd GT over Scirroco and Astra, and new i10 over Up! even though i10 was more expensive.That's a first. Times are changing.

OMG I'm so excited...not.

I Doubt we will see anyone under 65 driving this when it comes out!

Am i the only person that think Nissans all basically look the same..........BORING.

Looks inoffensive to me, marginally better looking IMO that the Golf. Be interesting to read an honest opinion of how it drives.

In what parallel universe?
You can't make a falsehood true by assertion. The fact that the Golf is popular with OAPs doesn't make it special.

The Sarcastic Troll has been busy with a lot of comments in defence of VW BanalMobiles!

Sigh. Go to the top of the page, look at the menu and see the button on the right hand side.

The prosecution rests.

You really haven't been round here very long. The VW bias is a long running saga, but understandable considering the sponsorship. Your attempt to bully people with your comments comes over very wet lettuce. Grow some.

Getting where you need to be and comfortable is where you are supposed to be on public roads. Attacking corners is not really acceptable.

Jazz interior space is quite remarkable still, and ahead of the Note. It's also been in its latest form for 6 years and in line for a replacement soon. I'd say it puts up a decent showing.

But of course you know better than everyone else and your opinion is the only one that matters.
What an arrogant bell end.

I'm sure that this will be a competent family car but it isn't much to look at. A bit like a curvy Auris but not really any more interesting unfortunately.

Your remarks about mainstream products from Honda and Toyota are a load of bull. You have obviously never tried them let alone lived with one. If you did you would realise they are quite the opposite from rubbish. Go and try an Astra a Golf, Polo etc or more importantly run one for a few years then you'll understand what rubbish is all about.....

Indeed. His remarks demonstrate a total lack of knowledge and ignorance.

LOL. Should have gone to specsavers. Nissans are quite the opposite of boring these days. Are you sure you mean Nissan? Not VW or Audi? They really are sleep inducing.

They had brought back the Nissan Bluebird, in Japan and some other asian countries, as the Bluebird Sylphy, its also sold in Aus/NZ as the Pulsar. They should bring back the 200sx coupe !

I remember the mid 80's Sunny Pulsar models that were released here;nice to see it strike out on it's own as a brand new car in it's own entity.





Why did i think this might actually look good?

Sure it will be very reliable but it looks and will drive as dull as dishwater.

Agree. Honda's are bulletproof. I have a 2009 CRV. Bought it New, drives nicely, done 85,000 miles and not one single thing has gone wrong. Sisters 56 reg CRV, which she has had since 2007,has done 100,000 miles, goes off road regularly and also has never gone wrong. Neighbour to my left. His new Passat went back to the dealers 5 times in two years with various faults. Neighbour to my right, has 13 reg E class.Been back four times this year with various electrical glitches.

Miguel, Care to tell us exactly why? After all, many thousands of Golf drivers (not me as it happens) almost certainly disagree with you, and might just like to hear your reasons.

Yes but Nissan have a much bigger ad for the Navara, so meaningless as most people, me included, never even saw the tiny VW thing!

I really hope there isn't other life looking down on us

I'm guessing he's from Portugal, which was in dire financial straights and had to be bailed out by the rest of the EU ie Germany. He took his nation's humiliation to heart and now writes "VW is ugly/ stinks" etc all over the internet. Quite entertaining really!

I have a Golf, it has done nearly 250,000 km and although I do not love it, I do like it. It hasn't given me trouble (or like your amazing English, no CRAPS) it always works in the cold winters in Norway. No illusions to aspiration but a Golf is far nicer than a Focus, or Astra, next car will probably be a Citroen C4 Cactus; it's time for a change

I'm disappointed with the looks of this. I admired Nissan's bravery with the original Qashqai, and especially the Juke, but all its new models are extremely generic .As has been mentioned, this looks very much like the previous version Auris. A big shame.

The Focus and the Civic are the best cars in the compact family class!

Yet another Nissan / Datsun
That ugly, they spoilt the Qashqai / Pathfinder and now this..