New Rolls Royce Ghost facelift

4 Mar, 2014 10:33am Jack Rix

Fresh new look for the baby of the Rolls-Royce range

This is the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, which has been facelifted by the legendary British brand to give it a more modern look and add technology that will pamper its driver and passengers to an even greater extent than the current model.

Most noticeably the Ghost Series II brings new headlights that add a kink at the bottom to break up the rectangular shape of old.

The units are edged by permanently-on daytime running lights while the indicators now sit lower on the resculpted bumper. Less obvious is a new curvature to the trademark grille uprights that’s meant to hint at jet-fin blades rather than today’s Greek temple look.

Back from the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine runs a new ‘wake channel’ up the bonnet that Rolls says “evokes the sight of a jet’s vapour”.

Nothing changes under the bonnet where the same V12 engine pumps out 563bhp to push the 2420kg, 5.6-meter long car to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds for the short wheelbase version.

Inside however are a wealth of tech and comfort updates, starting with the electric rear seats that can now be set in ‘lounge’ configuration to angle them towards each other for more sociable chatting with your neighbour. Tech available to the driver includes better voice control for the infotainment system and a new touch-sensitive, crystal-glass wheel controller with iPhone-like pinch gestures to better operate the updated 10.2-inch high-definition screen.

However, this still isn’t touch-sensitive because that might leave “unsightly fingerprints”, according to Rolls Royce. Other new technology includes the Wraith’s satellite guided eight-speed automatic gearbox that looks at the road layout ahead to help with gear selection.

There are more wood veneers to choose from and you can now order Rolls to wrap the B and C-pillars in leather too. And if you get tired of all this cossetting, you can get behind the wheel for what Rolls calls a more involving driving experience from the new Dynamic Driving Package with its redesigned suspension settings. There are no prices yet for the Series II, but expect a small bump from the current Ghost’s £170,250 start price.