Toyota AE86 vs GT 86 video

23 Aug, 2012 10:43am Richard Ingram

We pit the all-new Toyota GT 86 against the legendary AE86 of the 80s

The new Toyota GT 86 has already been praised as a true drivers car. But with a power output of just 198bhp, it’s not the most powerful rear-wheel-drive sports car on sale. So what makes it so great?

Toyota has taken inspiration from the original Corolla AE86 – a basic, lightweight and low-powered coupe. Watch the video to see if the new GT 86 can live up to the 80s cult classic.

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Actually, when you lift off the throttle in the GT86 (or any car), the weight DOESN'T transfer to the rear - it transfers to the FRONT. Weight comes OFF the rear - which makes the rear more loose. This is also why mid-corner acceleration (if you've come in too slow) can induce understeer...

Richard, youve really muddied the waters in singing the praises of this car, with not a single word about the car being half a Subaru. So I'm struggling to see how the 86 bears much resemblance to the earlier AE. Does this car not sport much from the Subaru with its engine and chassis? Its a twin, at best, as distinct from anything clever Toyota dreamt up. It owes much to Subaru for any rave reviews about its desirability surely. Toyota have never had a boxer engine in anything. I love the [silly??] TRD nomenclature. Some might suggest there is a letter missing.....the letter 'U' :-)