BMW M2 Safety Car revealed with new M Performance Parts

10 Feb, 2016 10:15am Sam Naylor

BMW's MotoGP safety car revealed, featuring M Performance Parts that you can buy for your own M2

BMW has revealed its latest MotoGP safety car, this time based on the new M2 Coupe. It's kitted out with a handful of special bits that aren't on a standard M2, but if you really like the look of this version then BMW M Performance Parts will sell them to you.

The car's aero parts that are also available to M2 buyers include side skirts, a front splitter, a rear diffusor and a black grille and carbon mirror caps to add to the sportier look. A new exhaust system is also fitted, as well as coilover suspension.

Inside, the extra kit includes an alcantara steering wheel, stainless steel pedals, new floor mats and some carbon fibre trim. There's also a roll cage, fire extinguisher, carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon rear wing and a lot of flashing lights - none of which will be available to buy. You can add some red, blue and dark blue stripes to your road car, though.

The BMW M2 safety car features the same 364bhp 3.0-litre straight-six engine as the roadgoing model, which means it will go from 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds. That will be handy to stay in front of a huge pack of superbikes on the MotoGP circuits of the world.

The new M Performance Parts will be available in March, following the car's launch very soon. The safety car will make its debut on the MotoGP track torwards the end of March, too.

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