BMW 3 Series GT

5 Mar, 2013 11:21am Tom Phillips

Full details of the new, more practical BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo following its debut at Geneva

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo has had its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, and we've got full details of the latest addition to the range. The 3 GT becomes the third member of the BMW 3 Series range, following the latest BMW 3 Series saloon and Touring estate models.

According to BMW, the 3 Series Gran Turismo aims to offer the “dynamic, sporting” qualities of the saloon, with the “practicality and versatility” of the Touring.

To enable this to happen, the 3 Series GT measures 4,824mm long, 1,489mm tall and 1,828mm wide, with a 2,920mm wheelbase, making it noticeably larger than the 3 Series saloon and estate but just smaller than the current BMW 5 Series. In fact, the 3 GT is 200mm longer, 81mm taller and has a 110mm longer wheelbase than the 3 Series Touring.

All BMW 3 Series GTs come with an electronically opening tailgate, a two-piece parcel shelf that can be stored under the boot floor, and 40/20/40 split folding rear seats.

The 3 GT has a 520-litre boot – bigger than the 3 Series Touring by 25 litres – that can be expanded to 1,600 litres in its largest load-carrying configuration, although the car doesn’t have any space to carry a spare wheel.

Lashing points, a 12-volt power socket and a storage tray under the boot floor are standard, while buyers can opt for a hands-free opening boot, which means the tailgate can be opened by waving your foot under the rear bumper.

The 3 Series Gran Turismo features a host of typical BMW styling devices, including short front and long rear overhangs, a forward slanting kidney grille and a curvy interpretation of the firm’s trademark Hofmeister kink.

The bumpers and head and tail-lights are unique to the car, which also features a smoother bonnet than that fitted to the 3 Series saloon, as well as frameless doors. The 3 GT also gets Air Curtains, which smooth air flow over the front wheels. These combine with the new Air Breathers behind the front wheel, which help extract air from the front wheelarches, further reducing drag.

The 3 GT is also the first BMW to get an active rear wing, which pops up from the bootlid when you hit 68mph, increasing downforce by 35 per cent. It drops automatically when you slow below 43mph, and can also be raised or lowered using a button in the driver’s door.

Inside, BMW claims that the standard 3 Series interior has been upgraded for the Gran Turismo, including large cupholders between the front seats and in the doors. The extra exterior size has allowed BMW to raise the height of the seating position by 59mm, for a commanding driving position, and added 70mm of rear legroom over the saloon.

The engine range comprises two diesel engines – the 141bhp 2.0-litre 318d and 181bhp 2.0-litre 320d – and three petrols – 181bhp and a 242bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder 320i and 328i models, and a top-spec 302bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder 335i. A six-speed gearbox is standard, while BMW's excellent eight-speed auto is an option.

All models come with at least 17-inch alloys as standard, and while the suspension is carried over from the 3 Series saloon range, BMW has softened the settings for greater long-distance comfort. An M Sport kit will be available, featuring 19-inch alloys and 10mm lower suspension.

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo will go on sale in the UK on 15 June. The 320i Gran Turismo SE starts at £28,830, the 328i Gran Turismo SE at £32,030 and the range-topping 335i Gran Turismo Modern is priced from £38,470. The diesels start at £29,910 for the 318d Gran Turismo SE and £31,310 for the 320d Gran Turismo SE.

That means the new 3 Series Gran Turismo costs just over £2,900 more than the equivalent 3 Series saloon models. The 325d model arrives in the UK later in the year. All versions are rear-wheel drive, hoowever a 320i xDrive four-wheel-drive model will also be sold.

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Amidst a raft of excellent car launches, BMW come up with this silliness...again. You would have thought they would have learnt their lesson with the 5GT...whatamistakatomaka...doh!

This one may actually work. The GT5 had the right idea, ie more space and comfort, without the unnecessary weight and cost of an SUV, but it is just too clunky. This one looks much better proportioned and more attractive from most angles.
In a quest for sportier aesthetics, modern cars have become too low-slung and BMWs are among the brands which tend to completely claustrophobic interiors. The higher profile of the GT series gets around that and ithe GT3 should be able to preserve most of the dynamics of the 3 Series. Deserves a look, I'd say

Can't they come up with anything good anymore?
Not the BMW we used to know anymore.


an ugly looking car - and what is the point? why not buy a touring if you want more space? the touring is better looking than this. surely BMW could have designed a good looking 3 hatchback?!

"why not buy a touring if you want more space? the touring is better looking than this."

In YOUR opinion! MY opinion (which has equal weight to yours of course) is that the GT is much better looking. I don't like the look of any estate cars, TBH, so this is a godsend. I don't need the extra space of an estate - just more than the saloon.
Trust BMW. They are professionals and they know the market much better than you or I.

"Can't they come up with anything good anymore?" MF, do you really believe that in the face of all the evidence from magazine reviews, and (hopefully) personal experience of the "Ultimate Driving Machine"?
Seriously, which manufacturer produces a range of cars which are better to drive than BMW, or as fuel efficient, or as comfortable, or as high-tech, or perform as well?

Like the 5GT, the 3GT must be one of the most ugly cars I have laid my eyes on in recent years. Having been a BMW fan from a young age, I now have little faith in anything produced by them. Besides the 3 series coupe (or now known as new 4 series), each and every BMW car design is appalling. Surely good car designers are not that diffcult to find !! Having previously owned 2 BMWs myself, I would not recommend them to anyone. There are many quality issues with these cars I would say, as well as poor customer service from BMW staff/garages. Steer clear !!

Ugly, uglier, BMW

Could they not just have made the saloon body shell a hatchback a la Skoda Rapide or Ford Mondeo/Mazda 6?

incredibly defensive... In my opinion, which carries as much weight as yours, this car is horrendous. It has more space than the estate so you contradict yoruself too.

There are a lot of cars out there that have more tech, better economy, more comfortable, and perform as well, if not better. More tech? My BMW's were never that economical (even the diesels), Audi make much better diesels, and small capacity petrols, Citroen have more tech and lots of others, Skoda included, can be more comfortable.

Terrible, lazy design. And to think Bangle got criticism?

HAHAHA you made my day.

What was a) defensive, or b) contradictory, Paul?
Saloon - not enough space. Estate - too ugly. GT - enough space & not ugly. Logical Conclusion - get the GT.
Or are you saying that I should get the estate, because "Paul" doesn't like the GT? :-)

Paul, you come over as someone who is disillusioned with BMW. (And you may have had a bad experience that would have left ANYONE annoyed - so i am not criticising you)

I don't dispute your personal experience. I must say, however, that my own experience is directly opposite. I have an Audi with a diesel engine at the moment and it is nowhere near as good as the BMWs that I drove before. I certainly didn't buy an Audi for its engine that's for sure!

True. Personally, I really liked the 'Bangle era' BMW's. They were sharper and more agressive looking. The car featured above is neither agressive or pretty, although to be fair the saloon is nice looking.

hold off folks They have under wraps and will be released the 3GTZ "in" Geneva an ultra New 18 wheeler powered by their Air Engined 1 (one) cylinder All Purpose 5 wheel drive Code Named "The Whatsits." This is the fore runner to their 834 new vehicles released every successive Tuesday starting April 1 .

Isn't this vehicle called a hatchback?

If you like the shape but want more space - buy an Audi A7.

Go to specsavers! This together with the 5GT are probably the ugliest BMW's ever built. I would love for you to buy one of these so you can get ridiculed and laughed at by everyone you encounter lol!

"Personally, I really liked the 'Bangle era' BMW's. They were sharper and more agressive looking."

You make a very interesting point. We like our cars to LOOK aggressive, but we don't want them to actually be DRIVEN with aggression - especially if that aggression is directed at ourselves.

What an immature post! When you call the GT "ugly" you are merely expressing your opinion. Saying "Go to specsavers!" is arrogant, as if only YOUR opinions are valid.

As for buying one, well, I don't have the money. But if I did have the funds, I would get one, and I wouldn't care what other people thought about it. When I buy something, I buy what I want, not what the "fashion police" tell me.

What do you drive, by the way? Do tell.

You're the only one who seems to like this monstrosity, oh and I'm a cyclist :-)

for once bmw has tried something new, someone ever tried to seat 3 tall people in a 3 or 5' saloon or touring ? The 5gt is finally a bmw for people over 6ft .. 3gt must be for tall ladies then.....
well done bmw to think outside the 20 year old box

If steve jobs would have listened to customers, we would still be stuck with microsoft.....

yes I was expressing my opinion - I think that's the whole point in this comment area! no need to get on your high horse at me.

I used to drive a 118d coupe - I remember when it was first released I thought it was ugly too - but then it grew on me a lot. Maybe this 3GT will do the same....but I doubt it. Bangle was an expert at making "interesting" looking cars which went on to become very well loved. i.e.E60 5er, X5, etc. Not sure these new BMW designs will do the same...

"yes I was expressing my opinion - I think that's the whole point in this comment area!"
But if you want to avoid ad hominem attacks (though not from you, I hasten to add) it appears that you have to go along with the majority view that the GT is ugly.

" no need to get on your high horse at me."
I'm sorry that you feel this way, especially since I stressed that I considered our opinions to be EQUAL in my reply to your post.

"You're the only one who seems to like this monstrosity, ..."
It appears so. But Galileo went against the established view of the universe when he stated that the Earth orbited the Sun. He even got arrested by the Inquisition for his heresy. He was proved right in the end though. :-)

Whoever 'designed' the tailgate deserves to be shot - presumably the same person who did the 5 GT. It's incredibly clumsy looking. The swooping rear looks out of character with the rest of the car and will restrict headroom and reduce carrying capacity. BMW should stick to saloons, estates and 4x4s. (I have an F10 530d which is ok to look at and drives great but the fuel economy is nowhere near the advertised figure).

disagree entirely
there is no space whatsoever in the a7, certainly not in the back. it may be prettier from a distance, but the gearbox and the 3l diesel are passe compared to the simply stoodstill in the r@d dept

BMW 3GT looks a bit porky, but it is a hatchback - a very useful option to have in the range.

Well said VAG driver!!! Loads of people will love this new 3 series, and it will become really popular over time - I suspect it will be their biggest seller. Most of the replies above are still living in their must have rep-mobile saloons, and have no idea of the merits of a car or what it's actually for!! Mid size saloons are just pointless at the end of the day. This is what the 3 series should have been many years ago. The hatch looks too big and awkward on the 5 series to me, but I think it looks great on the 3 series. This is the first car I've seen that I'd consider against either an Audi A3 or a VW Golf and it's obvious it's those drivers that BMW are trying to attract. Well done BMW!!!!

Because the estate (sorry "touring") is ugly, and not half as practical as this. Maybe you have in your head an image of the 5 series hatch?... if so I'd agree, that's a shocker, but this isn't. It's now become something that can complete with a Golf or an A3, which can only be good for BMW.

Well said. Many will find it far better looking than the pointless saloon and estate. It's long over due - it will sell well. At last BMW have a worthy opponent for the Golf & A3.

Nice looking car, but it's much bigger than the 3 series, so you're not comparing like with like.

Hooray!!! At last, someone speaking the truth!! Thank God, I thought everyone these days was a deluded rep-mobile snob!! They are over rated and over priced. I has a 330 E46 coupe, which was fantastic, but since then (pretty much since they became the must have rep car) BMWs have gone down hill. I swapped my allegiance to VW, who quite frankly make better cars these days. I have to say though that the 3GT (although many here find it ugly) is a step in the right direction for BMW.

You should be a stand up comedian, "Their biggest seller"?!! lol! I bet my life that you will be proved wrong.

LOL...If your a cyclist what are you doing on a motoring website?!!

I had a 328i Sport coupe which I sold 8 months ago, don't need a car right now as I work 3 miles from home! Oh and it's "you're" by the way.

What's worse than YouTube comments for immature drivel? Answer: AutoExpress comments. And yes, I'm probably a case in point writing this. Doh! When in Rome!

the 1series is the similarly sized competitor for the A3 and Golf - not this.
and I agree the 5GT was very awful, but these pictures don't look much better, in my opinion.

High priced Eurojunk! Buy a Toyota! Far fewer problems!

can you stop comparing it to the A3 and Golf? the 1 series is the competitor to these! This will compete with A5 sportback.

It is a direct competitor. As soon as they gave it a hatch, it became a direct competitor to other similar sized, premium hatches like 5 seater hatches like the Golf and A3. Many people considering a mid to upper range Golf or A3 will also have a look at this GT. The 1 series hatch is much smaller. It's cramped, and a bit of a weird oddity, and people I've known have dismissed it immediately. It serves a particular market for some BMW must haves, but it doesn't have much practicality, and doesn't really complete with a Golf, A3 or this GT.

Why? They're ALL premium hatches. Read my comment above. And yes, the A5 Sportback (aka hatch) is a also a consideration for anyone who wants a premium, 5 seater with practicality.... without doubt this definitely includes the Golf and A3. Maybe you think the GT with the longer bonnet looks grander (I can see that too).. you may think that puts it in a different class, and BMW & Audi will tell you that too, but in reality, they are of a similar size, practicality and price, so people will choose between all of these cars because there are considerations here other than a long bonnet.... each car has it's own attraction. The 1 series hatch does not compete here (it's too small & it's odd, as I say above). Look, the 318d GT is listed as £29,910k (the 320d just over £1k more... the petrol just over a £1k less and in reality people will be paying nearer to £28k - £29k for these cars with options and a discount thrown in even as you walk through the door. A Golf 2.0D will be about £26k on the same basis. How can you say that people will not compare these hatches across all the brands - unless of course they're life long fans of either brand? This GT is a hatch - there's no getting away from that - so it competes against OTHER hatches. At the end of the day most people will be spending £26k - £29k with a few options & discounts on these cars. Even if there's a £2k - £3k difference, do you think that matters a jot for people buying in this sector?... No it won't. They'll choose the car they want. I'm absolutely certain BMW will be hoping to win sales from the Golf or A3 or other premium hatches with this new BMW hatch. I for one am pleased to see it, as it gives me more choice. Will it be better than an A3 or a Golf... I doubt it, but we'll have to wait and see.

you think the 1 series looks weird, but you like this new GT???

regarding size - let me bore you with some figures:

1 series: 4324mm long, 1984mm wide, boot space 360L

A3 sportback: 4292mm long, 1995mm wide, boot space 370L

Golf (mk6): 4199mm long, 2048mm wide, boot space 350L.

So in my opinion the 1er is the obvious competitor to the A3 and Golf - and similarly sized/priced. I cannot see that a normal buyer of a golf would be able to afford the 3GT. The new Golf 2.0TDi in SE trim is £22015. This 3GT in SE trim with a 2 litre diesel is £29910. Sorry mate - these are not comparable in the same class.

Good grief! Isn't this forum for the benefit of those people generally more enthusiastic and interested than most in motor cars to express their views as they please? In my view, some of this aggravation is misplaced.

I'm sorry, you're completely wrong.

Let me bore you with facts, rather than your figures.

Let's have a reasonable, honest debate about these cars, Eh? Otherwise there's no point in having a discussion with you. Also, there's no point in talking about the looks of the car - some people like it, some people don't, so leave it at that.

(by any measure - other than the length of the bonnet re the BMs' longitudinal engine), the Golf is a similar size, if not bigger than the 3 series, and significantly bigger than the 1 series, which frankly is cramped inside, and much of it's length is bonnet! If you refuse to believe the manufacturers own figures, then go and sit in these cars in the show room.

Taken from the manufacturers web sites (today).

Interior Width (front)
Golf 1469
3 series 1451
1 series 1400

Interior width (rear)
3 series 1458
Golf 1440
1 series 1417

Exterior width (incl mirrors)
3 series 2031
Golf 2027
1 series 1984

Exterior width (excl mirrors)
3 series 1811
Golf 1799
1 series 1765

Exterior Length
(bear in mind the BM's longitudinal engines, which mean that much of their length is bonnet)
3 series 4624
Golf 4349
1 Series 4324

Luggage capacity
3 series GT... we don't know yet!
Seats up 380L
Seats down 1270L
1 series
(I've taken your figs)
Seats up 350L
Seats down.. ? very likely cramped!
Also, the hatch entrance is so much bigger on a Golf than a 1 series, and will be much closer to the GT.

With regard to price, I'm not going to repeat myself. I've already explained, and laid out the figures for you to read.
But I've cut/pasted this:

At the end of the day most people will be spending £26k - £29k with a few options & discounts on these cars. Even if there's a £2k - £3k difference, do you think that matters a jot for people buying in this sector?... No it won't. They'll choose the car they want

Based on design, size and price, the VW Golf is a direct competitor to the BMW GT. The 1 series is much smaller than these cars, and far less practical and therefore does not complete.

why would most people spend £26-29k on a golf?? what are you on about?? the list price of the new Mk 7 golf 2.0TDi in SE spec (which btw has every reasonable bit of kit you would want) is £22015 as I mentioned earlier. The list price of the GT with similar engine is £29910, and knowing BMW it wont have every reasonable bit of kit. I had to pay £90 for cupholders on my 118d coupe, and £185 for a USB port.

So I'm sorry I don't understand your logic in saying that both are similarly priced. THEY ARE NOT. Before any discounts the BMW is £7895 more expensive. You could buy a whole car for that price difference.

But obviously you have already made your mind up that the 3GT is a competitor to the Golf. You are entitled to that opinion.

The thing is, you mustn't compare a bog standard Golf against this GT BMW. You can pay £16k for a Golf... but you can easily pay over £40k for a Golf, and you're right, someone who can only just afford £22 for a Golf diesel obviously won't be buying the GT.

You ask why would anyone pay £26-£29k for a (non GTI)Golf?... well it's because their excellent cars, that's why.

Most Golfs you see on the roads in private ownership will have cost them around the mid twenties..... £25k to £26k. I know this because I have one, and my neighbour does too. People hang on to them too!!! A standard 2.0 diesel, stripped out Golf costs less than this GT yes, but the GT will be an option for people who are spending £25k+ on their Golfs (and many do) - and I'm NOT talking about GTIs... which do get very expensive with the necessary options - they are £30k+
These people will think to themselves.. I'll get a discount on that £29k GT and a few options thrown in, so would I sooner have that than a loaded 1.4 petrol Golf or a 2.0 diesel Golf?... many people will definitely consider it.
Now, would I sooner have a 2 litre GT than my Golf with it's goodies?... I doubt it (but I'll sit in it and have a look!).. it's still a consideration and I'd end up paying a similar price.. see below. To be honest, I find there are quite a few goodies come as standard on BMWs these days, and very healthy discounts!

I have a Golf Mk6 TSI 160bhp, and I adore it... but I won't go into that, I also like the 1 series coupe, and nearly bought an orange 135i a few years back. This golf cost me just over £25k 2 1/2 years ago. My local dealer would not give me a discount, so I went to Manchester who gave me about 2% off. It's difficult to get discounts on new VWs, particularly Golfs. Trust me, I've bought Bmws and VWs, and there are loads of options for both makes, which are equally expensive. VW is no different to BMW. No one wants a stripped out car. From touch screen ipod media centres, to 2 zone climate control, from interior lighting, winter packs.. 18" wheels etc etc.. many people add these items to their Golfs. I think people forget that many people driving VWs are well healed. (I'm not btw!) It's is a classless car, and that's why many people like it. When I bought mine, the guy said that the media centre was a very popular choice, along with the DSG clutch (extremely popular apparently) which would have added a good 1.5k on top of my existing price - so if I'd have had that I'd have paid nearly £27k for my 1.4 Golf. The only big option I added to mine was a sun roof. I had a BMW 330, then a Golf 1.6, now another Golf, and maybe next year another BMW or a Golf again. Trust me, many people who currently buy mid range Golfs will be looking at this GT. I'd finish by saying that if you think not many people spend mid twenties on their Golf (which they do).. ask yourself, how many people will buy this GT. There's definitely a comparison to be drawn here for what are similar sized, and as I say, similar priced hatches. I'll leave you with the last word as I know I'm boring everyone....and myself now! Looking forward to more lively debate on another car sometime!

Oh, thought I should add that, the starting point for a comparable 4 door Golf is the GT spec, not the SE. The starting price for that is £23,465, not £22k as mentioned above.

Urrgh.... Pass the bucket...

Not a great looker - but prettier than the 5GT.
It will probably work, but hell, couldn't BMW have spend a little more time getting the styling more attractive.
The new 4 series coupe I could own, but not a car which looks like this. It just doesn't have proper styling balance.

STOP PRESS: BMW invent the hatchback segment....Oh, no wait, that was done by every other manufacturer 40 years ago... So BMW finally concede that hatchbacks are popular (having been responsible for probably 70% of the European car market for the last 30 years) and they come up wth this? The problem they will have is that their standard offerings at least make them a little unique, they have a perception (justified or not) of being a little bit more premium and perhaps a little bit more conservative (which suits the type of buyer wanting an overpriced saloon) but now they launch a hatch that looks pretty standard and disappointingly actually a lot like the silouhette of hatches of the 1980's and suddenly those buyers can directly compare BMW to more mainstream brands, which is dangerous given that you can get some pretty good family hatches these days for a heck of a lot less money with quite a bit more flair in the desing. Will it find buyers? of course, will it sell well? probably, do I care? nope.

like it. wiil get one!

BMW is best no doubt I have three; X5, e93, 5 series and love them.
Rest of cars are crab for me
Ok this one looks a little better than the e90 but we have so high expectations from them as ultimate.
Agree on the above advantages but are always with costly repairs and bad agents.