BMW M4 vs Audi RS5: video track battle

M4 vs RS5
25 Jun, 2014 1:20pm

We test the new BMW M4 against the benchmark fast coupe, the Audi RS5, on track

The arrival of a new BMW M car is always big news for performance car fans, and the new M4 is no exception.

The replacement for the legendary old BMW M3, the M4 has moved away from the V8 power plant in the old car and is now powered by a 425bhp twin-turbo straight-six engine.

Meanwhile, the Audi RS5 is propelled by a 4.0-litre V8, which produces 430bhp, mated to the Audi quattro four-wheel drive system. Like the BMW, it also features a dual-clutch gearbox, the Audi S tronic system.

There's no denying the Audi lacks the fun factor of the BMW - the quattro four-wheel-drive system prevents the lurid powerslides than you can really go for in the M4. You can also feel the weight of the engine over the front axle in the RS5, but it certainly doesn't feel slow at all.

Overall then, the RS5 feels very punchy, and the gearshift is also really nice - the same can be said for its V8 soundtrack. It's not a track machine though, and the car is more of a very stable and very rapid cruiser.

Meanwhile, the BMW M4 feels very raw and very serious, especially when all the settings are put at their sportiest using the switch on the steering wheel. This also turns the traction control and stability control off.

With no electronic aids, the M4 is always trying to get its tail out. The body control is amazing, but there is a feeling that it's all a bit artificial. The same can be said for the engine note, which has been enhanced.

The M4 is a proper M car though, and something BMW can be truly proud of. It set a lap time of 1m09.9s, compared to the 1m12.2s set by the Audi - that's 2.3s quicker.

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What an awesome track battle! But what has to be taken into consideration is that the RS5, weighs in at 218Kgs heavier than the M4. And with similar power and the M4's greater toque figure, this kind of time difference can be expected.
Well done to BMW, for developing such a brilliant car in the M4. But, as an Audi fan, I just hope they discard the V8 (brilliant engine) and opt for the lighter V6 Supercharged unit and find some way to lighten the overall package a bit. That will give the M4 something to think about.

The extra weight is the price you pay for Quattro. While the power/weight ratio does slightly favour the BMW, the difference does not explain the large difference in lap times.

Different story in the wet?

Either would be wonderful cars to own. I really don't care which is faster. I drive an M3 and am impressed daily with its quality and its durability. I have never owned an Audi but I do admire them when I see them. They look wonderful.

2nd that!

Over steer power sliding Audi Quattro, is a sight to be hold...

M4, my kind of car,in that color,with that spec,reminds me of my M3 (E46).

The Quattro drivetrain weight is 80 kgs heavier than the non Quattro versions of the Audi's that offer fwd or Quattro options. Watching this video, the driver drives both cars in the same manner. Driven like a rear wheel drive car the Quattro will be slower. There is a completely different driving technique required for any 4WD vehicle. It's called driving science!

the RS5 has a 4.2L V8 and 450bhp not a 4.0L 430bhp engine