BMW X4 officially unveiled at New York Motor Show

16 Apr, 2014 1:20pm Jonathan Burn

Bold new BMW X4 revealed, available only with diesel engines and priced from £36,590. On sale July

This is the BMW X4, the German manufacturer’s latest model and a car that has just laid the foundations for a whole new niche. Following in the footsteps of is bigger brother the BMW X6, the X4 blends classic X family elegance with sporting coupe design cues. Prices will start from £36,590 for the base xDrive20d model and sales of the new X4 will kick off on 12 July 2014.

The Geneva Motor Show seemed like the perfect stage to showcase BMW’s new model but the manufacturer’s focus there was on it’s new three-cylinder engines and first front wheel drive car, the 2 Series Active Tourer. Instead, the X4 has been unveiled at the New York Motor Show.

Based on the same platform as the X3, the X4 measures in at 14mm longer and 36mm lower to the ground that its sibling. Most striking on the new X4 is the coupe-like roofline, which cascades down to the tailgate over the front seats.

Larger air intakes and new inset fog lights on the front bumper and also set it apart visually from the X3. The high-waisted crease running along the flanks, which splits in two, breaks up the SUV proportions. Styling cues from the recently introduced 4 Series Gran Coupe can also clearly be seen in the taillights and C-pillar.

Inside, familiar BMW controls and dials have been fitted, with high-gloss black-panel accents and aluminium trim strips adding a sporty dimension. The driver and front passenger will sit 20mm lower to the ground than they would in the X3, while those in the back sit 28mm lower.

BMW X4 cabin

A higher equipment specification will be offered on the X4 over the X3, with standard kit across the range including an automatically opening tailgate, variable sport steering, 18-inch alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, Xenon headlights and heated front seats. The xLine trim can be specced for a further £1,500, which adds a new 18-inch alloy wheel design, satin aluminium exterior trim, dark copper interior trim and sports seats trimmed in xLine leather.

M Sport trim costs a further £3,000 over the base SE spec and adds more aggressive exterior styling, 19-inch alloy wheels and M Sport tuned suspension. BMW M door sill finishers, sport seats and an aluminium hexagon interior trim add the finishing touches.

BMW X4: engine range

The X4 will be offered only with diesel engines from launch, with BMW confirming no petrol motors will be made available in the UK. The entry-level xDrive 20d (£36,590) is powered by a 187bhp 2.0-litre diesel motor capable of 54.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 138g/km. A six-cylinder 255bhp 3.0-litre diesel will be fitted to the xDrive30d model (£44,890), returning a claimed 47.9mpg with emissions of 156g/km.

The range topping xDrive35d variant (£48,990) uses a more potent 308bhp version of the same 3.0-litre engine, capable of cracking 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds. Economy suffers slightly at 47.1mpg and emissions of 157g/km claimed. BMW neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a cooked-up M version joining the ranks.

All models are fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox and all-wheel drive as standard, with the option of the eight-speed automatic transmission available to buyers. Auto Stop/Start, brake energy regeneration and on-demand operation of ancillary units are standard across the model range to help further boost efficiency.

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POS! Who wants this bang up to date German crap when you could have a £50k Range Rover Joque, based on an 8 year old 2006 Ford Mondeo FWD, with a Peugeot designed diesel engine dating from 1998, and made by the world renowned craftsmen of Liverpool!

Come on English people, don't buy Jerry foreign crap, with its engines made in Birmingham(Hams Hall) - be patriotic!, buy Indian! er British! with its French engines, made by an American company and a German gearbox, made by the same company that made Zeppelins, that bombed Britain in WWI.

They say ignorance is bliss and you must be a very happy person, because you cant get more ignorant if you tried.

Someone will drive it though, coz of the badge!

There are sorry many issues with your rant. For starters the BMW use the same make of gearbox. If anything the Evoque 9 speed is more modern than the 8 spd.

Diesel engine wise how long has the 3.0 diesel engine been floating around for or the 2.0. Your trying to tell me that BMW have a fresh redesign at every car launch. Engines evolve. Its cost effective. BMW have been in the bed with Peugeot and Citreon aswell so cant exactly pull the morale high ground.

And the last time the Disco and RR had a BMW diesel in the car it was a pile of under powered turd. Remember that BMW can only build a decent 4wd SUV now because of what it learnt whilst having the ownership of Land Rover.

The engines are built in the UK by Ford as are the 3.0 V6 TDI's which will soon be replaced by JLR's own engines also produced in the UK. All major plants are in the UK with them only finally now following BMW and VAG into China.

TATA bailed JLR out and has given JLR its freedom to strive forward rather than trickle along. JLR are using their own profits to keep going which is why year after year after year they are increasing their profits so yeah good for the UK. So it's UK money, UK workers, UK suppliers (mostly) and UK manufacturing so yeah i'd go as far as saying its a UK brand. Think I can forgive them for using a German gearbox. I think i've got over WW1 now (and the ZF 8 spd is a cracker, not driven the 9 spd yet)

You really need to do a bit more fact finding and not just cherry pick your rants because it kinds of falls down against this little thing called a fact.

Oh and Mr Realitysab!tch, just to throw in a little more fact I missed.

The X4 starts from £36,590 oh and look at this, Evoque from £29,200.

Upping the spec to Prestige oh and its still cheaper at £36,500

Top spec X4 is £49,000 and the all singing all dancing Evoque is £44,890.

You might want to check your costs again before ranting.

What a horrible looking car! It will probably drive much better than it's competitors but it's clearly designed for the Russian market.

And the Evoque with its up to date aluminium tech will make a good effort and proper off-road. The X4 will just cry if it sees ruts.

The racist is back.

There isn't much wrong with the 2007 EUCD platform, it's probably better than the 2003 X3 platform that the X4 uses. And the LR-MS version is much improved.

Read again liar racist, the X4 is on 2003 tech, the Evoque is on 2007.

Made a fool of yourself again.

The first direct rival to the Evoque. probably wont be as popular though.

"the X4 is on 2003 tech, the Evoque is on 2007"
and he is the fool?? XD

Did you read it?
X4 is a new car on the same basic platform as the X3. The X3 appeared on the Market in 2003.

The Evoque is on the LR-MS version of the Ford EUCD platform. EUCD appeared in 2007,

Do try and keep up wertz. It's not that difficult.

Evoque is cheaper, has genuine off-road ability and no BMW stigma. I think the X4 is more a rival to the Macan or any other of the equivalent soft-roader shopping trolley cars that are euphemistically classed as "crossovers". Cross-dressers is more appropriate..

nice try (not), the bmw x3 in which the bmw x4 is said to be based is the second generation bmw x3, the platform is f25, not the e83 platform from the first bmw x3! the platform that you are trying to sell as the platform of the new BMW x4 is the e83 from the first generation (2003). BMW x3 second generation platform f25 was released in 2010 or 2011.
actually BMW x4 platform (from what i have seen in an article) it appears to be even called f26! and it makes sense since its said to be based on the BMW x3 (the second generation f25 platform). tells others to try to keep up and he s a decade behind.

"BMW X4 ~ The Hideous Factor"... Or to quote Jeremy Clarkson: "Put a BMW logo on a plate of vomit, and it will sell"...

Another fugly from Propeller and Co. Elegant??!! What rubbish. This reporter should join Farmer's Weekly and report on tractors a job he would clearly do well.

You are talking about two different sizes of vehicle. It makes the price compare pointless.
Agreed that the X4 looks awful, but it does mean the thugs who buy the X6 can now buy one for the spoint kid on their 17th birthday.

beautiful 4x4? should have gone to specsavers

I used to buy a BMW because it was stylish and different.
What went wrong?

That is the worst design of a car I have ever seen!

Looks OK to me.

They ought to send racists back where they came from, comin' over here stealing our bigotry, nickin' our phobias...