Peugeot Exalt concept hints at brand's future styling direction

20 Apr, 2014 3:30pm Jonathan Burn

Peugeot has unveiled its sleek new EXALT concept car at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

Peugeot has given us a glimpse into its vision for future models with the new EXALT concept car. The striking coupe made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show and could even make it to production as a China-only saloon. 

Speaking to Auto Express at the Beijing Show, Peugeot general director Maxime Picat said: "This kind of saloon segment is really key, and so is the SUV segment." Picat went on to reveal that Peugeot was considering an SUV larger than any currently in the range but that anything below the 2008 crossover wasn't feasible. 

Despite the svelte coupe styling, Peugeot has dubbed the EXALT as a five-door. The concept picks up where the Onyx concept left off last year, with chiseled panels, a long bonnet and short rear overhangs. The bare steel bodywork has also been hand-formed by a master panel beater, while the rear quarter has been trimmed in a shark skin inspired material. 

Modern-day Peugeot styling cues can be found in the headlamps and front grille, with the Exalt giving a much more believable look at the path Peugeot’s future production cars will be taking – both in terms of design and technology.

Peugeot Exalt concept car 5

The EXALT uses a development of the i-Cockpit interior layout first seen in the 308 hatchback. The small wheel is trimmed in leather and ‘chine’, a natural wool-based mixed fabric, with the digital instrument panel positioned above it. Lightweight carbon fibre has also been ditch in favor of basalt fibre, which can be found on parts of the seats, dashboard and door cards. 

The extended centre console stretches through the centre of the car, with two folding touch screens emerging from the dashboard. The upper screen gives access to the navigation systems and on board computer, while the second screen presents controls for the automatic air conditioning and the surface purifying Pure Blue system.

Another part of Peugeot’s future is the next-generation Hybrid4 powertrain, which the French manufacturer has fitted to the EXALT.  It develops a total of 335bhp through a combination of a 266bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and an 89bhp electric motor mounted on the rear axle. The system also adapts to particular driver inputs by switching from pure electric, petrol only and petrol-electric hybrid. 

What do you think of the EXALT? Is this an improvement on the looks of current Peugeots? Tell us in the comments section below...

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A pity buyable Peugeots don't look like this or the Onyx...

MR J I think that Peugeot are just about turning the corner from bland to good looking. Followed a new 308 on Sunday it looked far better than Golf sat well and was an interesting alternative to Golf /Focus/Astra and Audi. Its SW version is without doubt the best looking estate in its sector . SO if they do keep on this current design track they will be OK. This Exalt looks very good to so if they come up with a car with these looks then people will buy on those looks . So Peugeot built it

That's more like it Pug.

A nicely striking design with strong, bold lines, as we've come to expect from Peugeot! Although one small criticism I have is that the language isn't moving forward far enough. It doesn't look all that different from the Onyx, if I'm honest, and I'd like for the next generation to move further forward like what happened with the transition from 207 to 208, 308 (2007) to 308 (2014), etc.

The Exalt is encouraging news. I like VW Group cars, but it's good to have decent competition.

Not a bad looking car for a saloon, but that`s its problem! We all know Peugeot wont build it as it will show up exactly how boring and tedious all the other designs are.

What a great design. The rear is like nothing I've seen before and I like the unusual rear window shape. They should build it virtually unchanged from this, perhaps losing the two tone paint job. We know they can do it, the RCZ is proof enough.

The front end is just stolen off a BMW 3 series! I like it though and I think Peugeot should adopt the grille design across the whole range instead of the KIA look-a-like front ends.

Has Peugeot gone BMW crazy? Interior is very i3 and front is 3 series.

Looks a very exciting spec great looking car, it lot does not fit in well with the rest of the Peugeot range thats as boring bland and dull as ditchwater, so l doubt very much if it will make it into production which is a shame, a very nice concept though.

Not much of any interest come out of the Pug shed of late, other than the very reliable indestructible TUD engines, superb diesel taxi cars, the last decent car that was firing on all cylinders that ticked all the right boxes that come out of Pugs shed, that l really liked was the 205 GTI.

A very nice concept.