Product group tests

Winter car-kit feature

13 Feb, 2008

Our quick kit guide makes sure you’re ready to slope off in safety.

Orbit D-900
Product group tests

In-car TV test

13 Feb, 2008

It’s TV on tap as we rate the best kit to let you keep in touch with your favourite shows on the move. Which gets our vote?

Kamei roof box
Product group tests

Roof boxes

6 Feb, 2008

Pack more into your car with a roof box. We put 10 to the test.

Product group tests

Offset spanners

30 Jan, 2008

A drop-end spanner gives a fresh angle on car DIY jobs. We put six sets to the test.

FM transmitter
Product group tests

FM transmitter test

23 Jan, 2008

An in-car FM transmitter allows you to listen to MP3 tunes via the radio. But which are big hits? We try out 12 top buys

Microfibre cloths
Product group tests

Microfibre cloth test

16 Jan, 2008

An ultra-absorbent microfibre cloth can make car cleaning easier. We choose the best buys.

Roadside breakdown
Product group tests

Roadside assistance feature

9 Jan, 2008

Knowing that help is only a phone call away is reassuring if your car breaks down. But which recovery service is best? We assess 10...

Product group tests

Double DIN ICE test

9 Jan, 2008

More and more cars come with stereos that are twice the normal height. So what are the options if you want to upgrade? We pick from eight of the best double DIN units

Product group tests

Cordless drill test

2 Jan, 2008

If you need to use a drill on your car, a cordless one fits the bill perfectly. We tested the best-sellers to find our favourite

Voyager 520
Product group tests

Hands-free kit test

19 Dec, 2007

It’s good to talk – but if you want to chat in the car and not lose your licence, you need a hands-free kit. We test the latest