Powered jacks
Product group tests

Power jack test

4 Dec, 2007

Whether you’re working under your car or just changing a tyre, a power jack makes life easier. Which is best?

Bulb test
Product group tests

Make Light of Winter

28 Nov, 2007

Which headlight bulb provides the best visibility and safety? We assess 30 lamps in the UK’s biggest test...

Product group tests

Phone charger test

21 Nov, 2007

Keep your mobile phone fully powered up in the car with one of the latest chargers. We test the latest...

Battery chargers
Product group tests

Battery charger test

14 Nov, 2007

Which of these chargers will revive even the most tired battery? We clamp them to the terminals and put them to the ultimate test...

Test aids
Product group tests

Driving test aid test

7 Nov, 2007

Forewarned is forearmed – so what better way to get a head start on your driving test than with a study aid? We try 10 top examples

Product group tests

Inverters tested

31 Oct, 2007

An inverter lets you power everything from a laptop to an MP3 player from your car’s cabin. We pick from six of the best...

Product group tests


24 Oct, 2007

With the nights drawing in, a decent torch is an essential for your car. We take our pick from 10 shining stars...

Product group tests

Multitool test

17 Oct, 2007

Multitools are really handy bits of kit to keep in your glovebox. But which should you go for? Here’s our verdict

Solar panels
Product reviews

Solar power car feature

17 Oct, 2007

A solar panel for your car? We discover that you can harness the sun’s energy to keep your motor’s battery topped up

Product group tests

Leather cleaners

10 Oct, 2007

Looking after your leather helps your car retain its price. We pick from 10 cleaners