New Nissan Murano 2015 set for UK with hybrid power

16 Apr, 2014 11:49pm Steve Fowler

New Nissan Murano expands Nissan's SUV range, with hybrid model coming to the UK

An all-new Nissan Murano SUV was unveiled at this year's New York Motor Show with Nissan boss Andy Palmer telling Auto Express that the car is likely to come to Europe with hybrid power.

The new Murano will top Nissans SUV range sitting above Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail with prices likely to start close to £35,000. Palmer told us that the Murano would be “an important car for Nissan in Europe” with hi-tech features and a high quality interior.

In addition to the hybrid models, a new diesel is also likely to be offered, with Renault’s new twin-turbo 1.6-litre Energy dCi engine a likely fit. This new 158bhp engine with 380Nm of torque will combine with a weight saving of around 60kg over the old Murano to provide competitive mpg and CO2 figures.

The new model was previewed by 2013’s Resonance concept car and, according to Palmer, previews a new design direction for Nissan. The V-motion front end features an over-sized front grille that flows into the bonnet, while the signature boomerang LED front lights are similar to those on the Qashqai and X-Trail.


At the side, sweeping curves and bulging wheelarches sit alongside a rising waistline, while the floating roof is also set to become a Nissan design feature.

Inside, Nissan refers to a ‘social lounge interior’ with an 8-inch touchscreen used to declutter the dash, and a 7-inch high-def colour screen replacing the traditional instrument cluster. The panoramic sunroof is said to be the largest in its class, while NASA inspired seats are designed to minimise muscular strain.

Nissan’s 360-degree Around View Monitor will feature, giving an on-screen view of the surround of the car, plus safety features that include Blind Spot Warning, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, Intelligent Cruise Control and Cross Traffic Alert.

More traditional luxury kit like dual-zone air con, a heated steering wheel, remote engine start, power folding rear seats and an 11-speaker Bose surround sound system will also feature.

Production of the Murano will be moved to Nissan’s factory in Mississippi with the car due to be exported to 100 markets around the world. Although Nissan hasn’t officially confirmed that the car will come to Europe, we expect to see it in Nissan showrooms some time in 2015.

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Oh dear. Not content with the Xtrail article from earlier yesterday, another from Nissan with this Murano thing.

Nissan should stick to cheap and chearful like the Juke and Micra, because that interior is way off the mark. Beige/tan colours like that were seen as sophisticated 10-15 years ago, when the Range Rover Mk3 and BMW X3 Mk1 were launched. Car buyers tend to go for more dynamic, sophisicated colours nowadays. Has Nissan done any research into future interior trends? If they had, then they would have found out that yellowy/beige is one of the least likely choices.

If I worked in marketing at Nissan, I would insist with AutoExpress they change the interior picture to something not resembling 'Austin Metro beige' - assuming, of course, there are other colour options!

Looks ridiculous.

But then, a year after launch, only about 200 a year will buy it anyway...

Nissan understand the colour scheme very well. It's aimed at North America and the Middle East. You would not be allowed to work for Nissan, you're too dumb.

Go stick to pizza delivery, you might just about be capable of that.

Unless car companies are hammering on your door to recruit you to help with their product range. No? Thought so.

Aston Martin use that colour, it's called burnt orange on their brochure.

Even the Juke is a top seller in the UK and has exceeded its sales targets worldwide.

I've seen some rubbish on these comments sections but your comments really are the worst.

What the he11 are you talking about? you obviously know sweet shaft all about cars because it is not just Nissan that offers a cream coloured interior - a lot of car makers do........ Anyway back to the new Murano - looks brilliant - well done Nissan for turning out yet another cracking SUV.

Nice colour scheme. Americans will love it!

Great looking car. Idem interior. Expressive design, but not over-the-top like BMW X series and the Lexus NX

Plagiarism. But an improvement at least.

I don't mind it, I kind of like it even though its not my style... But you can't please everyone!

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I like New Murano 2015 set for UK with hybrid power

I like Jamie Pickles

Since 2006 I have had 3 Murano's, all petrol and each of which have served me admirably, unfortunately they are no longer available until the 2015 model arrives and due to this I sold my last Murano early last year and changed to an Audi Q5. There is no doubting the better build quality of the Audi but in order to get anywhere near the spec that came as standard on the Murano I would have had to shell out almost an extra 5k on top of the already high priced Audi.
I have already enquired about the new Murano at the local Nissan showroom and have been told not to expect arrival in the UK until 2nd quarter of 2015 and orders only being taken from October onwards.
It's a fantastic looking car and there are few if any in it's class / price range that can offer the same level of spec.
I can''t wait to take a test drive and then probably buy one in the same colour as the show car above which I believe is "fire iron''.