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New Mazda 2 2015 driving
Road tests

New Mazda 2 2015 review

18 Dec, 2014

Stylish new Mazda 2 will present a serious challenge to supermini rivals in 2015

Opinion 2014/2015

"2014 was a great year for car fans, but 2015 will be even better"

10 Dec, 2014

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler says 2015 is shaping up nicely - especially from a British point of view

BMW i8 pan

What are your cars of the year for 2014?

8 Dec, 2014

Tell us which cars have been your Christmas crackers and which have been your stuffed turkeys.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

New 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport: prices, specs and details

5 Dec, 2014

New Land Rover Discovery Sport has arrived with official pics plus details of the price, specifications and engine options

Skoda Fabia - on the road
In-depth reviews

Skoda Fabia review

All-new Skoda Fabia is more practical than ever with more space, style and clever features. But it lacks traditional Skoda value

Opinion Tesla

"Other brands take note: if Tesla made hydrogen cars refuelling wouldn't be a problem"

3 Dec, 2014

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler thinks Tesla-style fuelling infrastructure could solve problem of fuelling hydrogen cars

Jochen Goller and Steve Fowler

The future of MINI: head man Jochen Goller reveals all

2 Dec, 2014

Auto Express met with MINI boss Jochen Goller to discuss all things MINI past, present and future

Mercedes AMG GT opinion

"On the whole, Mercedes makes great cars, but there’s something lacking across its entire range"

20 Nov, 2014

It’s an A+ for the Mercedes-AMG GT and Maybach - but editor-in-chief Steve Fowler isn't convinced about other Mercs...

Mercedes-Maybach S600 LA Motor Show 1

Ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S600 appears in LA

20 Nov, 2014

S-Class-based Mercedes-Maybach saloon will top the range - with a 530bhp V12 for the S600 model

Bentley Grand Convertible front in LA

Bentley Grand Convertible concept is set for production

20 Nov, 2014

Bentley has unveiled its most luxurious open-top car yet at the LA Motor Show, and told Auto Express that it will make production

Insurers sending black box drivers back to school

Insurers sending black box drivers back to school

19 Nov, 2014

Drivers identified as 'at risk' could be asked to complete online tutorials

Jaguar 'justDrive' tech

Tweet from the driving seat with Jaguar Land Rover's justDrive tech

19 Nov, 2014

Jaguar has revealed its new voice control technology that allows you to operate smartphone apps on the move

Opinion - Hyundai Rockar showroom

"Car buying hasn't changed much in 50 years… until now"

12 Nov, 2014

The opening of Hyundai's Rockar showroom could signal a shift in the way we buy cars to a new online model

Audi A3 front action
In-depth reviews

Audi A3 review

The Audi A3 takes fight to the BMW 1 Series and Volkswagen Golf with good looks, impressive economy and a decent drive


Maybach is back! Mercedes revamps car naming structure

11 Nov, 2014

Mercedes has revealed a new naming structure for its growing range and the return of the Maybach name as part of a luxury sub-brand

AE Opinion tyre test winter driving

"Put as much effort into choosing the right tyres as you would your next car"

6 Nov, 2014

Our tyre tests prove why safety should take priority over price, says Steve Fowler

Skoda Fabia 1.0 front
Road tests

Skoda Fabia 1.0 SE 2014 review

29 Oct, 2014

New Skoda Fabia gets three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engine to compete with rivals

Pulsar opinion

"SUVs are grabbing the headlines, but hatchbacks are still grabbing the sales"

29 Oct, 2014

There’s life in the old hatchback yet in spite of all the new SUVs, says editor-in-chief Steve Fowler

Nissan Qashqai 2014 front
In-depth reviews

Nissan Qashqai review

The Nissan Qashqai is British-built and comfortably the country’s favourite crossover SUV - what’s not to like?

Skoda Fabia opinion

"How good could Skoda be if VW left it to its own devices?"

20 Oct, 2014

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler ponders the potential of the Czech brand without VW Group pressures

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