Toyota FT-86 Open Concept revealed

6 Mar, 2013 12:45pm Tom Phillips

The Toyota FT-86 Open Concept has made its world debut at Geneva

If you fancy a GT 86 cabrio, Toyota wants to know. This is the FT-86 Open Concept – a prototype designed to gauge the public’s reaction – and should it prove a hit, it’s extremely likely to make production.

The convertible has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and it features a multi-layered canvas hood incorporating a glass rear window. This folds electronically behind the fixed rear seats, and the 2+2 seating layout remains.

For maximum impact, the show car offers a bright white exterior and contrasting navy blue canvas roof. On the inside, bright white seats are held together by yellow stitching to match the yellow carpets.

The Open Concept uses the 197bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder boxer engine from the coupe – the reigning Auto Express Performance Car of the Year.

And if the car gets the green light, Toyota claims it would offer the six-speed manual and auto boxes. The final drop-top would also use the same suspension, steering and brakes as the coupe.

Toyota says the GT 86 coupe was designed from the start to be easily converted to a soft-top, and that the amount of engineering to add a cabrio to the line-up “is not expected to be great”.

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Looks lovely. Toyota really should put this into production, however.....I wouldn't buy one. I would buy the regular coupe, but I think this 'drop top' would look more at home in Hollywood Boulevard than the local high street where I am in the UK.

If only Toyota would add some of this desirability to its more affordable cars. For all the undoubted qualities the GT 86 and this beautiful derivative, it is the Auris, Yaris, Aygo and iQ that could do with a hefty injection of "fun". You've shown you can do it Toyota ...

90% sure that the public reaction to this will be positive.

That interior looks lovely. I hope the white makes it to production - down with oppressive black and grey interiors!
As for the exterior, it looks better than the coupe, and great from some angles. But that side profile is all wrong, the bonnet line is too low. Chopping the roof off is likely to add some weight too, which will blunt its already conservative power output.

Looks nice in white.

This I like. Looks stylish without showing off too much.

I want it, and I want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, greedy boy :)

Now that's pretty, yes please

Love it! Especially with the whole in the market left by the S2000. If they can produce it and keep the price under 30k I think they would be onto a winner!

lovely style! looks great! looks stunning! looks like a winner! great move for Toyota to put it into production! definitely buy one! never mind where in the world, you will have a beautiful day driving that stunner! even in Scotland! Toyota has my vote!!!!!!

I would probably buy the GT86 convertible if it came into production.Great looking car. Can't wait.

i'll take two please!!

My wife and I tried to buy one only fine out we could not yet but we will wait

Import one from Japan

Wonderful looking car.. A real alternative to an Elise if you've got a young family and still want some pure driving enjoyment.

Looks great, but I read somewhere that they are not now going to make it... Can you confirm if they will be making it or not? And if so, when will it be available in the UK?