XRack Stealth SQ

XRack Stealth SQ
5 Sep, 2011 4:48pm

Portable Roof Rack could be just the solution for families needing extra storage space.

Price: £54.95
Contact: 01604 768598, www.rackinabag.co.uk

You needn’t fork out for roof bars and a roofbox if you want more luggage space. There’s a range of top-value strap-on solutions, and the latest to arrive is the XRack Stealth SQ.

To start, you roll out the mat, insert some supporting rods and then pop up the prisms which lift your load from the roof. Then, you attach various straps to different parts of your car – namely the front door hinges and the boot lip.

This worked fine with our Vauxhall Corsa, but may be a struggle with a saloon. The number of straps can be a little confusing, although a bigger concern was the amount you need to slide the rack to ensure it sits dead square on your car.

You should definitely clean the roof before fitting to prevent scratching. You’ll then need to tighten the straps to prevent wind noise at speed, but as there’s no metal in the design, we didn’t find it that loud on the road.

The Stealth can take up to 45kg of luggage, and is good value at the current offer price of £49.95, instead of £54.95.


Rating: ★★★
What is it?
More storage space to be added to your car and then packed into a bag when you're done.
You have to be really careful not to scratch your car's paintwork, quite a few straps.
Why buy?
Simple to fit once secured, easy to pack away.