Prorack Whispbar roof bars

7 Aug, 2009 10:15am

Price: £169.95 Rating: 4/5

Howling roof bars can make long holiday trips a chore, but this new design from Prorack should ease the strain.

The slender Whispbar has been optimised to reduce wind noise, and it really works as it was not obvious the unit was fitted to our Nissan Murano right up to motorway speeds.

Even better, although the bars can be removed and put back on single-handedly in only a few minutes, the lack of noise means there’s no problem with leaving them permanently on the car. Care needs to be taken when assembling the mounts, but the instructions are good. Build quality is above average, too, and there are some neat design touches.

Unlike on many rivals, the rubber cushioning strip is already fitted, and the bars are quick and easy to adjust. Two security keys work on all the locks. The only drawback is the price, which is at the top end of the market. This is offset by the fact that adapting the bars for other cars costs relatively little, as only the feet need to change.


Problems? Not cheap, care needs to be taken when assembling.

So why buy? Superb build quality, easy fitting and extremely quiet when travelling at speed.

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