NEW - Suzuki Burgman 400ZA Scooter

19 Jun, 2009 4:51pm

Scooter’s a big hit for kit

Switching from four wheels to two to reduce commuting times might appeal to more drivers if scooters were more comfort-oriented. So that’s something Suzuki is hoping to address by introducing its Burgman 400ZA. 
The new model comes with a raft of equipment not offered on the standard 400 variant. First up, the firm has boosted the scooter’s safety credentials by fitting ABS, to enhance control in an emergency. In addition, heated grips and hand guards are included, to keep the rider’s fingers warm and out of the wind on cold or wet days.
Backrests for both rider and passenger add extra comfort, and the brown leather seat provides the 400ZA with some upmarket appeal. A wood-patterned instrument panel and titanium wheels add a final touch of class.
Power is from the same fuel-injected 400cc engine as in the standard version – so to ride the Burgman you have to complete the full motorcycle test. It offers 62 litres of under-seat storage, plus a handy DC socket. And if you don’t need the ZA’s extra features, the 400 is £4,710.

In Detail
*Suzuki Burgman 400ZA scooter
*Price: £5,400
*Contact: 0500 011959, 
*Maker’s claim: “New ZA offers all the power, performance and stability of the standard Burgman, but with additional luxury.”