Thunder Tiger RTA4 1:8 Nitro Racing Truck

Thunder Tiger RTA4 1:8 Nitro Racing Truck
Credits: Pete Gibson
16 Oct, 2012 3:06pm Dean Gibson

With a 3bhp nitro engine and four-wheel drive, the new RTA4 truck is fun over rough terrain



Even the best battery-powered radio-controlled cars run flat, but those that run on ‘nitro fuel’ offer lasting fun.

The latest model from Thunder Tiger’s promises exactly that. The RTA4 is a ready-to-run 1:8-scale stadium truck, and looks realistic – if not exactly pretty – with its small tyres covered by a full-width racing truck body.

The RTA4 comes ready-painted in red, yellow or blue, and has cut-outs to access the running gear underneath. All you need to do is add the wheels, batteries for the radio gear and fuel.

The first few runs are designed to break in the 4.6cc pull-start two-stroke engine, but after that it’s ready to go whenever you are.

And this truck flies. The 3bhp engine is mated to a two-speed box (plus reverse) and four-wheel drive, while the suspension is supple, with two remote-reservoir shock absorbers at each corner.

The sturdy aluminium chassis and plastic body cope well with crashes and rolls, and the RTA4 looks spectacular over jumps.

But you need a large off-road area to enjoy it, preferably away from neighbours, as the engine is noisy. Plus, at £400, the RTA4 is £50 more than an equivalent electric truck, and you’ll need a further £50 for fuel, batteries and a glow plug starter for the engine.

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Price: £399.99