Back2You GPS tracking device

Back2You GPS tracking device
24 Oct, 2012 10:00am Jamie Fretwell

Black cube can be fitted to your car's seat base or put in the glovebox



When money’s tight, the last thing you need is for your car to get stolen. But if the worst happens, a tracking device can help – and the big benefit of Back2You is that it doesn’t require you to pay monthly subscription fees.

The black cuboid fits easily into the palm of your hand, although the maker’s claim that it’s matchbox-sized is optimistic. It’s quite heavy, but has a powerful magnet on the base, so you can attach it to a metal surface in your car, or stow it in your glovebox.

The device contains a SIM card, and this is how it transmits its location. Just charge it up, switch it on, and you can call the tracker from your mobile to get a text telling you its location and last recorded speed. You can also view the data on Google Maps. This works on smartphones, but it’s better to get the Back2You app, as you can regulate how often the device tells you where it is.

However, we’d prefer it if the gadget automatically logged your location, rather than requiring the user to set up alerts manually.

There are mains and in-car chargers, plus a few screw holes, in case you want to mount it in your car permanently. But while the lack of subscription fees is a bonus, we reckon the £2.49 app should be free when you pay £195 for the device.

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Price: £195 (tracker); £2.49 (app)
Contact: 0870 765 7280,