Product Awards 2014: winners announced

21 May, 2014 3:50pm Henry Willis Kim Adams

We reveal the best sat-navs, bulbs, tools, tech and tyres

A clever product or gadget can make every driver’s life easier, whether it’s a sat-nav guiding you to your destination or a car wash bringing a shine to your bodywork. And at Auto Express, we take pride in testing the latest must-have kit on sale week in, week out.

Our group tests have been a crucial part of the magazine since way back in 1995, and we continue to help consumers with reviews of the newest gadgets and accessories in print, online and on our iPad app, published free every Monday.

We've named the best products we’ve tested over the past 12 months – and you can use our round-up as the definitive guide to what to buy - whether you’re looking for car care kit, a Bluetooth hands-free or a new set of tyres.

And if there are gaps in your knowledge of the products and accessories market, we can fill them via the Q&As dotted throughout our 2014 Product Awards in the special June edition of the magazine, which is now on sale from £3.10.

Auto Express product awards: the winners

Best winter tyres

Winner: Nokian WR D3

Best summer tyres

Winner: Continental ContiSportContact 5

Best headlight bulbs

Winners: Philips VisionPlus and Philips X-tremeVision

Best sat-nav device

Winner: Garmin 3598LMT-D

Best sat-nav apps

Winner: CoPilot Premium Europe

Best digital radio head unit

Winner: Pure Highway H260DBi

Best crash camera

Winner: Transcend DrivePro 200

Best roof box

Winner: Kamei 510

Best hands-free car kit

Winner: Plantronics K100

Best bike racks

Winner: Exodus Rear High Mount 3 Cycle Carrier

Best car shampoo

Winner: Bilt-Hamber auto-wash

Best screenwash

Winner: Comma Xstream Screenwash

Best wheel wax

Winner: Armor All Shield For Wheels

Best bug cleaner

Winner: Simoniz Bug Shifter

Best scratch remover

Winner: Farecla G3 Professional Scratch Remover

Best leather cleaner

Winner: Wonder Wheels Leather Clean & Feed

Best interior trim cleaner

Winner: Comma Interior Cleaner

Best wheel cleaner

Winner: Bilt-Hamber auto-wheel

Best tyre shine

Winner: CarPlan Tyre Slik

Best wax and polish

Winner: Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish


Winner: Michelin Stealth hybrid wiper blades


Winner: CoPilot