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Tyre reviews: best tyres 2015

10 Mar, 2016

Start your search for the best new tyre deals with our expert reviews of top selling car tyres in the UK

HID conversion kits - header

Dangers of illegal HID headlight conversion kits explained

8 Mar, 2016

As the number of accidents related to dazzling headlights rise, we call for more action to end the sale of HID conversion kits in the UK

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Product group tests

Microfibre cloths and car drying towels: 2016 group test

8 Mar, 2016

Which of eight microfibre drying cloths dries your freshly rinsed car best?

Mobile phone holder - product test
Product group tests

Mobile phone holders: 2016 group test

25 Feb, 2016

Keep your phone secure in the car with a robust mobile phone holder. We take our pick from eight

Wheel brush test
Product group tests

Best wheel brushes 2016: group test

19 Feb, 2016

Scrub grime from your alloys as we test eight top wheel brush buys

Dash cam app product test header
Product group tests

Best in-car dashboard camera apps 2016

5 Feb, 2016

Are smartphone apps an alternative to dashcams? We test eight to find out

Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay: review and everything you need to know

5 Feb, 2016

What is Apple CarPlay? Read our review of Apple's in-car infotainment connection

Start the working car, then after a few minutes you can start the non-runner.
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How to jump-start your car

1 Feb, 2016

Your quick, easy guide to jump-starting a car, with or without jump leads

Product group tests

Best interior wipes 2016: group test

28 Jan, 2016

Which of eight packs of interior wipes clean up your cabin in seconds?

Product group tests

Best rechargeable torches 2016: group test

19 Jan, 2016

We test eight winter essential rechargeable torches that you can keep fully powered up in the glovebox