Car vacuum cleaner review
Product reviews

Car vacuum cleaner - reviews - 2013 group test

15 Aug, 2013

To clean stubborn grime from inside your car, you need a hardcore garage vac. We pick from eight

DAB radio test
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DAB radios - reviews - 2013 group test

7 Aug, 2013

You don’t have to buy a new car to get DAB radio on the move, as there’s a range of aftermarket head units available. We test eight

Hands-free kits tested
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Hands–free kits - reviews - 2013 group test

1 Aug, 2013

A hands-free headset or speakerphone lets you make calls legally on the move - we pick from 12 top buys

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Folding bikes - reviews - 2013 group test

24 Jul, 2013

We test eight folding bikes that aim to make your commute simple

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Screen wash reviews - 2013 group test

24 Jul, 2013

Here's our top 12 screen wash products to keep your windscreen clear of summer bugs, oil splats, and ice

Traffic apps
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Traffic apps - reviews - 2013 group test

22 Jul, 2013

The top 6 apps to help you avoid congestion and find quiet roads instead

iPhone parking apps
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Parking apps - reviews - 2013 group test

22 Jul, 2013

The top 6 parking apps to help you steer on to quiet roads, away from jams, and locate free parking spaces

Pressure washer reviews
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Pressure washer reviews - 2013 group test

12 Jul, 2013

Which pressure washer can clean up in our test of 12 top models?

Testing spanner strength
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Spanner set reviews - 2013 group test

10 Jul, 2013

Which combination spanner set offers the best selection for DIY jobs on your car? We take our pick from 12 top buys

Picnic set
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Picnic set backpack reviews - 2013 group test

8 Jul, 2013

Enjoy lunch on the move in style as we test 11 top picnic sets