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Pick your cleverest car kit and win!

22 Apr, 2015

Choose the most innovative product of the past year and win a fantastic prize

Spanner sets tested
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Best spanner sets 2015

16 Apr, 2015

We test 10 spanner sets to the limit to pick the essential workshop kit

Best sat-nav apps
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Best sat-nav apps 2015

9 Apr, 2015

If you don't want to splash out on a portable unit, try one of these top sat-nav apps instead

Car care tyre shine
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Best car cleaning products and car care tips

31 Mar, 2015

Here are our top picks for car care this spring, from shampoo to upholstery cleaners

AA van
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Essential workshop tools and garage equipment

31 Mar, 2015

Here are eight products ideal for car DIY as you get your car, workshop and garage ready for spring

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Best car cleaning wipes

30 Mar, 2015

Keep these interior wipes close at hand and stay on top of spills and stains in your car

Upholstery cleaner
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Best car upholstery cleaner

30 Mar, 2015

Transform tired seats and get rid of worn-in food stains and grime with these upholstery cleaners

Bumper shine
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Bumper shine: best trim cleaners for your car

30 Mar, 2015

Give your car’s plastic trim a factory-fresh glimmer with one of these top cleaners

Pressure washers test
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Best pressure washers 2015

30 Mar, 2015

Blast away dirt for ultimate clean in double-quick time with one of these top pressure washers

Tyre shine
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Best tyre shine 2015

30 Mar, 2015

Get tired tyres looking just like new with one of these top tyre shine products