Alfa Romeo 4C revealed

5 Mar, 2013 11:00am Tom Phillips

Alfa Romeo has revealed the production-ready version of its new 4C sports car at Geneva

Alfa Romeo has finally revealed the full production version of the 4C sports car at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 4C’s exterior styling remains faithful to the original concept, first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. The roadster is similar in size to a Lotus Elise, at just under four metres long, two metres wide and 1.18 metres high, and is a strict two-seater.

It’s powered by what Alfa calls “an evolution of the engine in the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Giulietta”. In that car, the 1.75-litre four-cylinder turbo produces 235bhp, but we’re expecting more like 275bhp in the 4C.

This will be sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed TCT dual-clutch box, with steering column-mounted paddles giving manual shifts. Our exclusive spy shot of the interior also reveals the large, silver DNA controller.

This will offer a Race mode, on top of the usual Dynamic, Natural and All-Weather options. The picture shows the all-digital instrument cluster, too. 

Under the skin is a carbon fibre chassis. This helps cut weight, giving the 4C a Porsche Cayman R-rivalling power to weight ratio of over 250bhp per tonne. Prices should also rival the Cayman.

The car's interior is dominated by carbon fibre, which is part of the uncovered chassis. The dashboard and door panels, however, get an asphalt-look. The driver orientated controls are, according to Alfa Romeo, influenced by the world of motorcycle racing and race cars and it comes with lightweight leather sports seats with red stitching and Alfa Romeo badge stitched on the headrest. The 4C also gets steering wheel mounted paddles for manual gear change

The car will be built for Alfa at Maserati’s plant in Modena, Italy.

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Please tell me thats not the interior.... that is horrid!!

Looks pretty similar to the concept, but that interior looks like it's come from a previous generation Kia...or a few generations...

Certainly is.

The interior looks like it came from a Transit van. The exterior looks very nice though.

This unfinished interior with stereo missing looks shocking.

The interior really is atrocious in its current state! And they've ruined the headlights!

its nice Alfa has come out with a new car but I honestly would say that the 8C design should not have been replicated on the 4C, mito or giulietta , it doesn't seem to work and looks a bit awkward to look at. The low slick body looks really good but that roof line looks too high and sticks out like a sore thumb. If they made it lower and maybe lowered the driving position then i think it would have worked. The lotus Evora suffers from a similar issue or maybe a sleeker windscreen. So many concepts car like pandion or 2uettottanta they could have made an Alfa to die for.

The interior is nothing more than a pre-production prototype with lots of cheap plastics. The final interior should be infinitely better.

I hate the headlights too though.

Well now, having spent oh, all of 30 seconds reading the Italian car publication, Quattroruote, I can confirm that the interior definitely won't be the one in the photo shown here. There is an entire paragraph explaining that the interior has yet to be finalised. A poor bit of research on your part I think Autocar!

Same price as a cayman? I'll take the cayman then thanks.

Welcome to Britain. Save us Alfa, we need it.

? Auto Express!

I wanted one right up until I saw the cheap 'TVR' style headlights. What a way to ruin an otherwise beautiful car.