Alfa Romeo Gloria revealed

Alfa Romeo Gloria front
6 Mar, 2013 5:32pm Tom Phillips

Alfa Romeo has unveiled a new BMW 5 Series-sized Gloria concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo has revealed its vision for a future BMW 5 Series-sized saloon with this Gloria concept, which has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Gloria is the result of a collaboration between the European Design Institute of Turin and the Alfa Romeo Style Centre. It features a few trademark Alfa design cues, such as the bold bonnet creases culminating in the famous triangular grille. Leather straps on the bonnet are a nod to some of Alfa’s previous sporting models.

The newcomer would be powered by bi-turbo V6 and V8 engines, which would be shared with the latest Maserati Quattroporte. And it could use the same platform as the forthcoming Maserati Ghibli saloon.

Alfa has wanted to replace the 166 since it was axed in 2007, but development has been forced back by the recession. With Alfa’s re-entry into the US market this year, the company believes now is the right time to begin work on a new saloon, with the model going on sale some time in 2015.

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Looks smart as Alfa's tend to do, but whats with the silly name? Where they get that from? Nissan!

Like it, nice fluid design. I hope Alfa can make a strong comeback over the next few years, they deserve a place in the industry.

As to the name...I guess you just have to put it into context...Italian car, Italian company, Italian language, so Gloria (ita.) = Glory (eng.)...

Gloria Its also a woman's name, not a common one, but not unusual either.

Oh dear, another mess. Pug RCZ roof meets BMW 8 series front.....and Gloria, for heavens sake! Oh, i'm just taking gloria for a spin! As bad as Nissan Sylvia! Just call it Mildred, you'll dread buying one!

V6 & V8, I hope so. I hope Alfa keep the big engine not following later like Volvo.

Looks fantastic, shame it won't look anything like that! Makes the boring old BMW's and Audi's that every badge freak is driving look even worse. This is how to style a car Bavaria are you looking!

At least its not another car with yet another number or single letter, the 1, the 3, the 5. The C, the A. Most unoriginal names ever.

Yes, Alfa Romeo need the same sort of courage that was shown with the DS3 and take a gamble to produce this design virtually without change, as was the case with the latter. The trouble is that it is too easy for people like myself, who would not be buying one, to make comments like this!

I suggest BWM and Audi drop their current digit naming and opt instead for BMW Haggis and Audi Porridge. Then Skoda can also dish their L & K range for the more in vogue Banger & Mash.